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Do you drop smartphone and shatter glass? Here comes a saviour

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Do you drop smartphone and shatter glass? Here comes a saviour

Some people face constant instances of drops of their smartphones which leads to the glasses of the smartphones breaking. In a major relief to them, US-based glass manufacturer Corning is launching the next generation of the material to help smartphone users.

Its new Gorilla Glass 6 has been designed to help smartphones and other mobile devices survive drops from greater heights. The new protective glass is up to twice as good as its Gorilla Glass 5 predecessor, used in many current flagship smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S9 and iPhone X, Corning said.

According to the company, smartphones with the new Gorilla Glass 6 were able to survive 15 drops onto rough surfaces from a height of one metre. While Corning hasn’t announced which phones will feature Gorilla Glass 6, it, however, added that users will see the first devices featuring the new glass within the next few months.

Corning Gorilla Glass vice president Jaymin Amin reportedly said, “Gorilla Glass 6 is an entirely new glass composition that can be chemically strengthened to give it significantly higher levels of compression than is possible with Gorilla Glass 5.” He also added, “This enables Gorilla Glass 6 to be more resistant to damage.”