89-Year-Old Man Deadlifts 183Kg, Proves Age Is Just A Number

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89-Year-Old Man Deadlifts 183Kg, Proves Age Is Just A Number

'Age is just a number'. This phrase perfectly fits a senior citizen, who took on the challenge to deadlift 183 kg.

If you are a fitness freak, you're probably aware that deadlifting has become more of a trend nowadays. 89-year-old Joe Stockinger has decided to prove that deadlifting is not just for youngsters. But it doesn't just end there!

Stockinger can deadlift 183 kgs, something even the fittest of people might struggle with. In a video that has been shared online, Joe can be seen prepping, taking his spot and proceeding to lift the weight. While it might seem surprising, Joe is no new-commer when it comes to lifting weights.

In 2015, he set three world records at the 100% Raw Powerlifting Western Canadian Championships, and then went on to break two of his own records in the following year. He stopped competing in 2016, but still trains three times a week, spending a few hours in the gym.

He continues to lift weights despite his advancing years. If this doesn't inspire you to hit the gym, we don't know what will.