Doctors wear helmets at this popular government hospital

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Doctors wear helmets at this popular government hospital

Doctors working at Osmania General Hospital, in Hyderabad, for long have protested against the poor surroundings in which they work in. Many parts of the hospital have caved in earlier due to poor infrastructure and many doctors live in the fear that the walls might collapse again.

In what is seen as a renewed way of protest, doctors on Friday came to hospitals wearing helmets. They also choose to treat patients outside than inside.

A doctor was quoted as saying, “The Health Minister Dr Laxma Reddy in April promised to lay the foundation stone for the new structure and to take up the construction works soon. However, after three months, they haven’t done anything and now they have dissolved the government. These structures don’t know if the government has been dissolved or not, it could collapse at any moment. We are constantly worried. Should we work taking such extreme risks?”