Inspired by movies, Class 2 student threatens to blow-up airport

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In a bizarre and astonishing case, a Class 2 student threatened to blow-up the Jai Prajash Narayan International airport in Patna after being inspired by a Bhojpuri film.

Inspired by movies, Class 2 student threatens to blow-up airport

According to police, they were surprised to find that a threat call to the airport authorities was made by an eight-year-old boy.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Rajesh Kumar Prabhakar said the boy told the police team that he was inspired by the Bhojpuri film, "Train se Pakistan", in which there was a scene of a phone call threatening to blow-up an airport.

As per India TV reports, after police was informed about the call, a probe was launched to get the details of the phone number. It was found that the number was registered in the name of Siddhanth Sharma of Birla Colony. Prabhakar said that when the police team was interrogating Sharma, his grand-son innocently confessed that it was him, who, had made the call by using his grand-father's phone. The boy was then taken into custody.

"The boy informed the police that when his grand-father was asleep, he had used his mobile phone. First he found the number of the Patna airport on Google and then proceeded to make the call. Police have treated it as a childish mistake but directed the family to keep a close watch on the boy," the DSP added.

However, the police later released the boy after his father issued a bond and assured that he would never repeat the mistake.