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Jaanu (aka) 96 Telugu Remake review
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Production: Dil Raju
Cast: Samantha, Sharwanand
Direction: Prem Kumar
Screenplay: Prem Kumar
Story: Prem Kumar
Music: Govind Vasantha
Background score: Govind Vasantha
Cinematography: Mahendiran Jayaraju
Dialogues: Prem Kumar

Adapted from the acclaimed Tamil film 96,  the Telugu romantic drama Jaanu stars Sharwanand and Samantha as leads while Vennela Kishore, Varsha Bollamma, Gouri G. Kishan and others play crucial roles. C. Prem Kumar, who had also helmed the original, has directed the film.

Ram (Sharwanand), a travel photographer, meets his old flame Jaanu (Samantha) during a school reunion. As they spend the night together, they relive the past whilst discussing their present lives. While Jaanu moved on and made peace with her love failure, Ram is yet to come out of it.

Jaanu is a faithful, line-by-line remake, except for a few changes in the pop culture references and new songs replacing the ones in the original. The film has captured the essence of the original as a result of it. The makers have given a mature treatment of love failure, as the film holds either of them responsible for the failed romance. 

We don't see any guilt or remorse between the protagonists, but what we see is the fondness they still have for each other, even after a gap of fifteen years (Ram and Jaanu passed school in 2004). Prem Kumar portrays this fondness through scenes where he mirrors moments from the flashback that takes us back to their high school period.

Jaanu is a pure genre film where the narrative's focus is mainly on the relationship between Ram and Jaanu. Despite that, the screenplay gives space for some memorable supporting characters. For instance, the reunion scenes are lightened up by Ram and Jaanu's friends. Or the barber who cuts Ram's hair since adolescence.

Jaanu also has so many elements of nostalgia. As the film travels, we uncover many heartbreaking truths as to why their love didn't succeed. The film delivers such flourishes that are surprising. The conversational and deliberately paced narrative gives you a better connection with the characters.

Govind Vasantha's music plays a huge role in Jaanu's narrative, and the songs amplify the emotion of the scenes in the film. Mahendiran Jayaraju's cinematography makes you feel like a participant in the film's proceedings. The technique feels almost invisible in the film.

Jaanu banks graciously on the performances of Samantha and Sharawanand. The former's performance (coupled with Chinmayi's soothing voice) is consistently good, particularly during the scene in the parking lot where she delivers a lengthy monologue. 

Sharwanand underplayed his role well beautifully. Jaanu may not have a rosy ending, but still provides closure, when you see two former lovers spending a night together with a living the moment.


Verdict: Jaanu is a faithful remake that has good performances and conveys intense emotions.


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Jaanu (aka) 96 Telugu remake

Jaanu (aka) 96 Telugu remake is a Telugu movie. Samantha, Sharwanand are part of the cast of Jaanu (aka) 96 Telugu remake. The movie is directed by Prem Kumar. Music is by Govind Vasantha. Production by Dil Raju, cinematography by Mahendiran Jayaraju.