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Inttelligent (aka) Intteligent review
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Production: CK Entertainments
Cast: Ashish Vidyarthi, Brahmanandam, Lavanya Tripathi, Rahul Dev, Sai Dharam Tej
Direction: VV Vinayak
Screenplay: VV Vinayak
Story: VV Vinayak
Music: Thaman
Background score: Thaman
Cinematography: S.V. Vishweshwar
Dialogues: VV Vinayak
Editing: Gowtham Raju

Inttelligent is an action entertainer that talks about an emotional young software engineer who ends up fighting an extremely powerful mafia gang; there is nothing much to talk about the story apart from that. But the question here is will it satisfy the mass audience as intended?

Like every other VV Vinayak film, Inttelligent is an out and out commercial movie, made to please the hardcore action fans. Yet another energetic performance from Sai Dharam Tej. He is an improved actor and that is visible in his body language and dialogue delivery.

The core screenplay is predictable and offers nothing new. Inttelligent takes time to settle down. In fact, till the pre-interval block, the film travels without a story. There is hardly a highlight scene in the entire first half, which is a worrying factor.

If there is one thing that makes you watch the film without much distractions till the very end, it would be SS Thaman’s background score. Having said that, most of the songs are placed in possibly the worst situations. It is appalling to see the songs being played at irrelevant points.

The post-interval fight sequence looks well choreographed, but after that scene, the movie again resorts to an over beaten screenplay pattern. A couple of impressive scenes here and there, keep you alert, but falls flat towards the end and does not excite you.

Lavanya Tripati has four songs in the film or she is in the film for four songs. In fact, she just has about two to three dialogues in the film. In a couple of scenes, Brahmanandam doesn't manage to evoke laughter. None of the other cast makes any impact.

Few scenes look over dramatized and could have been toned down. There are lip sync issues too, especially in the early stages of the film.

On the whole, Intteligent is a not so intelligently made lifeless action drama that doesn’t excite the audience at any point.

Verdict: Not just, INT(T)ELIGENCE, this one lacks the zing factor too.


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Inttelligent (aka) Intteligent

Inttelligent (aka) Intteligent is a Telugu movie. Ashish Vidyarthi, Brahmanandam, Lavanya Tripathi, Rahul Dev, Sai Dharam Tej are part of the cast of Inttelligent (aka) Intteligent. The movie is directed by VV Vinayak. Music is by Thaman. Production by CK Entertainments, cinematography by S.V. Vishweshwar, editing by Gowtham Raju.