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Censor Rating : U
Sila Samayangalil (aka) SilaSamayangalil review
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Production: Prabhu Deva Studios, Think Big Studios
Cast: Prakash Raj, Sriya Reddy
Direction: Priyadarshan
Screenplay: Priyadarshan
Story: Priyadarshan
Music: Illayaraja
Cinematography: Sameer Thahir

Sila Samayangalil also known as Sometimes, is about seven people who have given their blood sample for AIDS test (ELISA). They eventually end up bribing a staff in the clinic to know their results in advance. As the tension mounts up, each one of them starts telling their stories on why they believe, they might have contracted HIV.

With each character, the director makes you know the different ways in which AIDS can be contracted. It is an AIDS awareness film but not like the ones where you might be asked to forcefully sit through during your school days. This one sets a perfect tone and is conveyed in the best possible way.

Just like the characters in the film, you will be sitting anxiously to know what their results are going to be. The movie also talks about corruption and negligence in employment at a minimalistic level. At one point, the gang comes to know only one of them has HIV, that builds the tension even more not just for the characters involved but also for the audience who are watching. There is a twist in the tale which might not come as a surprise to some. The emotions of each character look so strong and all of them will connect instantly with you. Everyone has their own reasons which are justifiable and realistic.

Director Priyadarshan shows his masterly craft by handling a raw and informative subject in an engaging and sensible way. You might learn a lot of things about AIDS that you didn’t know. It could also give you a sense of fear and might make you respect the ones who are contracted with AIDS.

Sila Samayangalil is one of those movies where silence is put to best use. Priyadarshan makes you realize the power of silence through this captivating and breathtaking awareness film. Every actor plays their part well. It is needless to say about Prakash Raj and MS Bhaskar; they have proved enough over the years. Shriya Reddy, Ashok Selvan and others have also enacted their roles with subtlety and confidence.

Verdict: A well made AIDS awareness film that is not just informative but also enticing!!!


3.25 3.25
( 3.25 / 5.0 )



Sila Samayangalil (aka) SilaSamayangalil

Sila Samayangalil (aka) SilaSamayangalil is a Tamil movie. Prakash Raj, Sriya Reddy are part of the cast of Sila Samayangalil (aka) SilaSamayangalil. The movie is directed by Priyadarshan. Music is by Illayaraja. Production by Prabhu Deva Studios, Think Big Studios, cinematography by Sameer Thahir.