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Kee (aka) Kee Movie Songs review
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Production: Global Infotainment Pvt Ltd
Cast: Anaika Soti, Jiiva, Manobala, Nikki Galrani, RJ Balaji, Suhasini
Direction: Kalees
Screenplay: Kalees
Story: Kalees
Music: Vishal Chandrasekar
Background score: Vishal Chandrasekar
Cinematography: Anish Tharun Kumar
Dialogues: Kalees
Editing: Nagooran
Art direction: S.S.Moorthy
Dance choreography: Baba Baskar

Raaja Paatu
Lyrics: Madhan Karky, Sri Rascol
Singers: Christopher Stanley, Sri Rascol

Arguably one of the best house songs in Tamil cinema in recent times, Raaja Paatu is what the party goers would call a "sick" track. Madhan Karky's awesome lyrics (especially the "Raja" part) + Christopher's stylish singing + Sri Rascol's crazy rapping = a must listen pub song! A drink on the house for Vishal!

Pattikichu Pathiya
Lyrics: Mani Amuthavanan
Singers: Devan Ekambaram, Keshav Vinod, Niranj Suresh, Ajesh Ashok, Jagatheesh

Pattikichu Pathiya classic addition to the friendship songs list - and celebrates our best friends who might be broke or even go without bathing at times. The five singers chiming in harmony make it a happy listen on a drive with buddies.

Lyrics: Subu
Singers: Krishna Prasad S, Premgi, Gowtham Bharadwaj, Jagatheesh

Vishal's modern twist to a retro tune style from the sixties in Kattappa is novel, and the result is a peppy song made even peppier by Subu's lyrics. But whether the college-going youth that the song talks about will find it captivating is something we will have to wait and see.

Lyrics: Thamarai
Singers: Vijay Prakash, Sinduri Vishal, D. Sathyaprakash, Nikhil Mathew

For a song that registers in your mind as an intense 4 and a half minutes, Kaadhoram's tunes do match up to its feel with a sense of soulfulness. With Vijay's spotless rendition, it seems like this song will hit home the love between Jiiva and Nikki.

Kuduthu Paru Kee
Lyrics: Syd Ibu (Tupakeys)
Singers: Syd Ibu (Tupakeys)

Kudutha Paru Kee's erratic sounds and vocal bits are interesting, and if you like desi hip hop, you will love Syd Ibu in this song. A brief adventure not much like anything you would have listened to recently.

Verdict: Vishal's album may just hold one of the keys to Kee's success if teamed up with great visuals!


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Kee (aka) Kee Movie

Kee (aka) Kee Movie is a Tamil movie with production by Global Infotainment Pvt Ltd, direction by Kalees, cinematography by Anish Tharun Kumar, editing by Nagooran. The cast of Kee (aka) Kee Movie includes Anaika Soti, Jiiva, Manobala, Nikki Galrani, RJ Balaji, Suhasini.