Ranking based on Chennai Box Office Collections from May 06th 2019 to May 12th 2019

8. K13

Week : 2
Total collections in Chennai : Rs. 1,13,06,230
Chennai city verdict: Average
No. Shows in Chennai (Weekend): 51
Collection in Chennai (Weekend): Rs. 9,97,420
No. Shows in Chennai (Weekdays): 224
Collection in Chennai (Weekdays): Rs. 42,18,595

K-13 gets an average verdict in it's second week as it manages to retain a decent number of shows.


K13 - WEEK : 1 RANKING : 3
Apr 29th 2019 to May 05th 2019
No. Shows in Chennai (Weekend) : 183
Collection in Chennai (Weekend) : Rs. 60,90,216

K-13 gets off to an above average opening with a good word of mouth.