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Censor Rating : U
Annanukku Jey (aka) Annanukku Jai review
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Production: Vetri Maaran
Cast: Dinesh, Mahima Nambiar, Radha Ravi
Direction: Rajkumar
Screenplay: Rajkumar
Story: Rajkumar
Music: Arrol Corelli
Background score: Arrol Corelli
Cinematography: Vishnu Rangaswamy
Dialogues: Rajkumar
Editing: G.B.Venkatesh
PRO: Riaz Ahmed

Debut director Rajkumar’s Annanukku Jey is Dinesh’s first release in 2018. It is a political satire produced by Vetri Maaran’s Grassroot Film Company. When Vetri Maaran’s name is involved in the making of a film, one can be assured that the product would be something interesting.


Dinesh (Matta Sekar) is a toddy seller’s son and a carefree youngster, who works under his father for daily wages. He also has a girlfriend (Mahima Nambiar), with whom he fights often. How a conflict between Dinesh’s father and a politician who owns a bar, turns Dinesh's upside down is what Annanukku Jey is all about.


The film starts off slowly and takes time to settle. But once the story unfolds and the conflicts are entrenched, the pace picks up. Though the story is largely predictable, the suspense factor in the screenplay keeps the audiences hooked throughout. One may feel that Dinesh's motive to take a political plunge wasn’t portrayed convincingly. It looked sudden and weak, which in turn makes us question the urge for him to become that successful. The conflicts between the Dinesh and Mahima Nambiar could have been established better as it looked as though there was something missing in the relationship.


Similarly, the transformation lacked a punch and looked abrupt. But having said that, the post-transformation portion was fun and the 'screaming' fight, in particular, lightens up the mood in the theatre. The director needs to be praised for neatly intertwining politics with comedy and not overdoing anything. The biggest positive for the film would be the comedy scenes, which has worked out naturally.


Dinesh provides a neat performance and has underplayed it when required and opened up a little more in the second half. From being an underdog to a successful politician, Dinesh seemed to fit the bill!


Radha Ravi gets a meaty role and as usual, he stamps his class effortlessly. Mayilsamy was perfect for his role and gave a subtle, yet convincing performance. Arrol Corelli’s music sets up the mood in the second half, ‘En Peru Matta’ song, in particular, works well.

Verdict: An uncluttered political satire filled with some good comedy moments


2.75 2.75
( 2.75 / 5.0 )



Annanukku Jey (aka) Annanukku Jai

Annanukku Jey (aka) Annanukku Jai is a Tamil movie. Dinesh, Mahima Nambiar, Radha Ravi are part of the cast of Annanukku Jey (aka) Annanukku Jai. The movie is directed by Rajkumar. Music is by Arrol Corelli. Production by Vetri Maaran, cinematography by Vishnu Rangaswamy, editing by G.B.Venkatesh.