Ranking based on Chennai Box Office Collections from Aug 05th 2019 to Aug 11th 2019

6. A1

Week : 3
Total collections in Chennai : Rs. 2,70,77,018
Chennai city verdict: Hit
No. Shows in Chennai (Weekend): 42
Collection in Chennai (Weekend): Rs. 5,37,913
No. Shows in Chennai (Weekdays): 152
Collection in Chennai (Weekdays): Rs. 20,82,608

Having maintained shows steadily, Santhanam's comedy entertainer A1 gets upgraded to a hit verdict.


A1 - WEEK : 2 RANKING : 3
Jul 29th 2019 to Aug 04th 2019
No. Shows in Chennai (Weekend) : 183
Collection in Chennai (Weekend) : Rs. 59,65,062
No. Shows in Chennai  (Weekdays) : 320
Collection in Chennai (Weekdays) : Rs. 78,22,951

Santhanam's comedy cluster A1 had a good run at the Chennai BO and gets an Above Average verdict. Can expect an upgrade next week, if it continues to perform well.

A1 - WEEK : 1 RANKING : 2
Jul 22nd 2019 to Jul 28th 2019
No. Shows in Chennai (Weekend) : 249
Collection in Chennai (Weekend) : Rs. 1,06,68,484

The Humour factor has helped A1 with an above-average opening at the Chennai BO.