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Vatal Nagaraj opens up on Baahubali-2 release issue in Karnataka state

Just after talking to Kannada director Dayal Padmanabhan on Baahubali-2 release issue in Karnataka, here we bring you an exclusive interview with politician and social activist Vatal Nagaraj.

We heard that a team led by you has decided to stall Baahubali-2 release in Karnataka. Is it true?

"Yes, it is true. We have decided to stall Baahubali-2 release and all other Sathyaraj's films henceforth."

Can you elaborate on this?

"Everyone is aware of the harsh statements that Sathyaraj had made during a protest that was held in his state over Cauvery issue. In his speech he had spoken harsh about Kannadigas and the state, he also went on to defame my name without any proper factual accuracy. This has led to hatred towards Satyaraj. Initially, we wanted to have restriction over Tamil cinema, but we did not get proper support and now in this particular issue pertaining to Sathyaraj's film we have obtained permission from Film Chamber Association and they have asked us to proceed forward to impose restriction in all his movies henceforth."

The speech was made way back. Did it take so many years to take this call? It also gives the sense of targeting a particular film than Sathyaraj.

"No, this is absolutely wrong. I have no personal reason to stall the release of Baahubali or any other films. My only intention is to stop screening all the films which have Sathyaraj, in Karnataka."

What are other demands that you and your activists have from the Chamber?

"Our only demand is to ban Sathyaraj's films in Karnataka and even after all this, if Baahubali-2 releases in Karnataka, then we are calling a state-level bandh to protest over this issue and will throw red cards to theaters screening Baahubali-2."

We heard from a Kannada director who had asked Sathyaraj to come forward and apologize to ease the release of Baahubali-2. Your take on this?

"Let him step forward first and apologize to the people of Karnataka for his harsh statement and also to me for defaming my name. Then we will decide what can be done after that."

We hope the producers, distributors, and protesters find an amicable solution soon, to have a smooth release of the movie.


Vatal Nagaraj opens up on Baahubali-2 release issue in Karnataka state

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