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Raghava Lawrence to donate 1 crore for Kerala flood relief

We have been witnessing many leading Kollywood actors and directors making their donation for Kerala Flood Relief.  After witnessing a historical rainfall and floods, Kerala is slowly getting back to normalcy with rescue and cleaning operations going on full swing.

Dance choreographer, director and actor Raghava Lawrence has now announced that he will be donating a humongous amount of Rs 1 crore for the flood relief. He has also added that he has got an appointment to meet Kerala's Chief Minister Pinrayi Vijayan, on August 25, coming Saturday.

He posted this news on his official Facebook page by stating, "Hi Friends and Fans..! I have decided to contribute "1 crore to Kerala". I’m feeling very disheartened that it has been destroyed by flood and people suffering a lot they are like our brothers and sisters.

While seeing I wanted to do service by directly visiting the place but they informed its hard to get Into all places because it’s raining heavily and told to wait till it reduces.. now that the rain has reduced I thought it would be right if I go through government because they know which areas are more affected thus I have got an appointment with Kerala CM this Saturday.

I want to give my donation to CM and place a request to him asking him to help me to do service directly to the affected people. Thanks for all those who have contributed to kerela and who are going to.. I pray to Ragavavendra swamy for Kerala to rebuild soon

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Raghava Lawrence to donate 1 crore for Kerala flood relief

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