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Maayajaal theater's plans for screening 2 point 0 teaser Rajinikanth Shankar

September 13 has quite a few movies hitting the screens on account of Ganesh Chathurthi. Apart from all that excitement, the biggest expectation is about the teaser of Superstar Rajini's 2.0

At 9 am, the teaser will be officially released on YouTube and also screened in theaters in 2D and 3D. Many theaters have taken up to screening the monumental film's teaser. One of them being the iconic Maayajaal. 

We got in touch with Meenakshi Sundaram, Vice-President of Mayajaal Multiplex to find out about their plans to screen the teaser of 2.0, and this is what he had to say:

"Out of the 16 screens, 7 screens have the compatibility to play the 3D version of 2.0's teaser. But, we have gotten permission to screen it on 2 screens only. We will be screening the teaser in the two screens for the evening shows. 

Moreover, we have planned to screen the teaser for all the four shows during the weekend on both the screens. Depending on the response for the teaser on the first couple of days, we will be seeking permission to screen it in all the 7 3D compatible screens.

When we asked about the process to provide 3D glasses and whether it would be a burden for the theater owners, he said, "Yes, it would be a burden on us. But since Shankar's team is making a new attempt in Tamil cinema and it's none other than Superstar's film, we are willing to provide the 3D glasses for free to all the viewers to encourage the fresh attempt. This would be the way we would like to extend our support for a big film like 2.0."

Maayajaal theater's plans for screening 2 point 0 teaser Rajinikanth Shankar

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