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Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli talks about Lakshmi short film controversy

One of the recent trending topics was Lakshmi, the short film, which starred Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli in the lead role, under Sarjun's direction. The film received a mixed response on the social media, and everyone had different opinions about the film.

Lakshmi Priyaa, in an exclusive chat with Behindwoods, opened up about the film, and the controversy. She said, "Initially, when Gautham Menon sir released the film through his channel, the film was widely praised, for the first two or three days. I saw a few men sharing this link on their wall, and below those posts, I saw few women commenting that they have also encountered incidents like this, but were hesitant to share the link on their personal profile, as they thought they'd be trolled and criticised.

Likewise, a few people called me and said they loved the film, but couldn't share the film on social media, because they were scared of the abuses.

But then, in a few days of time, the comments started to change, and the negativity started. If you didn't like the film, very much agreed, tell the reason why you didn't like the film. I didn't understand why these people go into personal abuse. That is not at all needed and not good too. They should know that we are actors, and we would do different kinds of roles.

Take any form of art, be it dance, or music, or films, you cannot satisfy everyone. Obviously, a few people will have a difference of opinion. That is fine, and you have the right to. That is your right, and you can also communicate the same. But there is a line for that. When you cross that line and start to disrespect the person, then it goes nasty. The personal abuse is very much wrong. Attacking the performer, director, their families, is all very bad. What did our families do? It is very indecent and uncalled for. The social media abuse culture is very atrocious. We've seen it many times earlier too, for various films and other incidents. That really needs to stop.

Anyone, who has seen the movie, will be able to relate to that character. Everyone would have seen a Lakshmi in our lives; it might be our friend, our neighbour, our distant relative or anyone. That is what I feel, is the biggest positive of the film."



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Kallappadam heroine Lakshmi Priyaa showcases full commitment to her character

Former Tamil Nadu women’s cricketer turned actress, Lakshmi Priyaa is currently working in Kallappadam portraying a crucial role. Her involvement supposedly demanded the usually fit starlet to gain weight and Lakshmi Priyaa too showcased commitment to her profession by gobbling up sweets at will to fit into the character’s demands in just a matter of days.

Soon thereafter, the director J.Vadivel, instructed the young lass to lose weight for a different segment of the script and the actress then too readily obliged and showed immediate results displaying her focus and endurance towards fitness. Astonished by her involvement, the crew of Kallappadam likened her commitment to something that only lead heroes have done so far and have been in praise of Lakshmi Priyaa’s efforts.

Offering her take on this film, Lakshmi Priyaa said, “My role is a well defined and powerful character .I play a role which is emotionally very strong, which is usually related to the male characters. It is indeed a pride playing such role in the earlier stage of my life, as I always mould myself on the lines of my role model Nandita Das. I aspire to be known as an actress of acting substance than being referred as a star.”

Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli talks about Lakshmi short film controversy

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