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Is Prithviraj's Ezra shooting spot haunted?

Hollywood has seen many strange happenings on the sets of horror classics like The Omen, The Exorcist and The Conjuring, but Mollywood has never witnessed any such uncanny things in its 90 years of existence. Strange things are said to have happened on the sets of Prithviraj's next horror movie 'Ezra'.

News has been spreading through the Social Media that from the first day of the shoot the Ezra team has been experiencing certain inexplicable events left and right on the set. The list of eerie happenings that includes lights blinking automatically, generators stopping for no reason and lots more. Photo of a priest performing prayers on the set is the latest addition to the uncertainty surrounding the horror film. Be it the truth, or a perfectly placed marketing strategy 'Ezra' has certainly managed to be the talk of the town.


Is Prithviraj's Ezra shooting spot haunted?

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