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Director Prabhu Solomon’s tweet is confirmed to be fake

Since this morning, a controversial tweet in the name of director Prabhu Solomon has been circulating on social media. The tweet which was in the name of the director, had the words, “Heroines Per day cost Rs.85,000 + 2.5CR salary + Driver, A/C Caravan & will not act for more than 5 hr/day. Great legend's daughter.”


To get some clarity on this tweet, we contacted his family member. Banishing this tweet to be fake was Prabhu Solomon’s son Samuel Sanjay who told us that it is not by his dad and that director Prabhu Solomon does not even use Twitter. It has been confirmed to be fake news and the director is busy abroad scouting for suitable locations for his next film.


On the professional front, Prabhu Solomon is gearing up for his Kumki 2 for which the cast has not been finalised. As of now, he is on the lookout for some exotic locations for the movie.

Director Prabhu Solomon’s tweet is confirmed to be fake

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