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Dhanush's speech in Power Paandi press meet

The press meet of Dhanush's Power Paandi happened a few hours ago, with the whole team attending the event, including Rajkiran, Revathi, Prasanna, Chaya Singh, Sean Roldan, and others.

The director of the film, Dhanush made quite a long speech, by thanking each and every one in the team. He said, "Power Paandi is all about taking life in a positive manner. I have to thank my assistants and associate directors because they have put in so much of hard work.


Rajkiran sir is a blessing for the film. He first accepted to do the film, and then only listened to the script. Thank you so much for believing me sir! It has been more than one and a half years since I wrote Power Paandi script, but only when Rajkiran sir came on board, the script looked complete.


Revathi ma'am is a very big asset for the film. Apart from being an actor, she is also a director, which helped me in narrating the scenes to her. Prasanna had a blind faith and worked in the film. He is very sharp, talented and an actor who always keeps improving and wanting to learn new things. He is so fit with the correct physique and six packs now. It is the effort he has put in, at the gym. He used to sacrifice all the regular food and eat just grilled chicken and salads for afternoon lunch. I'd feel sorry to see him like that, but all these are positive energies for me.  All those efforts will surely pay off, and I am very confident about it.


All actors, Chaya Singh, Vidyu, DD, Naren sir, Raghav, Rinson and everyone, thank you so much for being part of the film, and I owe you all a lot.

I don't keep quiet at all. I always keep blabbering something while I sit with music directors for composing. What I tell might make sense or sound foolish, but I don't keep it just inside me. I tell it out. But, while working with Sean, I didn't speak anything. There were no jarring sounds, and his music always had a soulful feel. Myself and Sean, want to progress and march towards that kind of music, where there is no excessive high decibels of sounds. We are also very sure about using many sounds that are closely related to our soil and culture, as the usage of those sounds have totally come down.


While doing the background score, I was sitting with him and within half an hour of time, he asked me if he could work on the tunes alone. That tone of his, indirectly told me that he is asking me to leave the place immediately (jokingly). I was wondering how he would know where to score the music and things like that, but, I have to respect a request coming from a creator. So I left.


After a few days, he called me again to listen to the background score of four reels, which he had completed. I listened to it, and that is when I understood, how much of an insult I would have caused if I had been sitting throughout the background score session. He comes from a very big legacy and his music knowledge is very wide. During our light hearted conversations, I used to call him, 'Isai Kadale' and he would request me not to call by this name in public. His music and background score are the soul of Power Paandi.

I know my speech is getting quite lengthy, but I have to talk what I need to, as a director. Editor Prasanna, he reduced half of my work and made it totally simple. I might not be a big director, or I might not know what it is, to be a director. There may be lots and lots of filmmaking grammar to follow, but, at the end of the day, only when I can convey the emotions through my film, I would be doing justice, and the film would connect with the audience. For that, the editor has to conquer and capture the emotions correctly. He did everything on his own, and like Sean, GK Prasanna is also my strength and pillar. Mark my words, GK Prasanna is going to be one of the most promising talents and a wanted editor in the future. He is going to go places, which I am very very sure about. All the technicians, they've believed in me, I've believed in them, and I owe them a lot.

I am very happy and honoured that I could pull off a film, and complete it probably without messing it up. We all had a very positive vibration while working in the film; we all felt it in our heart and traveled as a family.


I hope you guys, audience, and fans, feel the same way while watching the film. I hope the film makes a difference in people's lives, as there is a very important message that is relevant to the current society. I would like to thank God, my family and fans who have been my backbone. Thank you all."

Dhanush's speech in Power Paandi press meet

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