‘Larger than the Eiffel Tower’ - NASA warns as asteroid fast approaches Earth!

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Astronauts have warned that one of the largest asteroids is fast approaching the Earth.

‘Larger than the Eiffel Tower’ - NASA warns as asteroid fast approaches Earth!

The US space agency NASA has announced that a giant asteroid will approach Earth on May 16. The asteroid is 1608 feet wide, 1,454 feet taller than New York's emblem Empire State Building, and larger than the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty.

Scientists have said that this asteroid will probably cause great damage if it hits Earth. The asteroid is reported to pass through Earth at a distance of about 2.5 million miles.

But scientists say this is not the first time the asteroid has approached Earth. In May 2020, the asteroid traveled 1.7 million miles very close to Earth. NASA reports that the space rock orbits the Earth every 2 years as it orbits the Sun.

An asteroid the size of Eiffel Tower is heading for Earth

The next time the asteroid is reported to be orbiting Earth is about 6.9 million miles in May 2024. Astronauts warn of danger if an asteroid falls within about 4.65 million miles from Earth.

Asteroids, space debris, the remains of a planet. It will continue to spin in space. However, scientists have warned that some large space rocks are dangerous to Earth.




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