These Are The Laziest Nations In The World; Here's Where India Stands

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These Are The Laziest Nations In The World; Here's Where India Stands

A new study has revealed the laziest nations in the world - and it turns out that India is not in the best of positions.

According to report by the World Health Organisation, one out of four people do not get enough excercise. Of the 168 countries taken into consideration in the survey, Uganda secured the first place as the most energetic country. Kuwait acquired the last place.

The United States ranked at 143rd, the United Kingdom 123rd, Singapore at 126th, while Australia dropped in at the 97th position. According to the WHO report, in Kuwait, American Samoa, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, more than half of the population doesn't get enough exercise. On the other hand, just 5.5% of those in Uganda are not sufficiently active. 

India ranked 117th on the list, while Philippines and Brazil ranked 141st and 164th respectively.

The WHO defines enough exercise as 75 minutes of vigourous activity or 150 minutes of moderately intense activity per week, or any combination of the two.

According to the report, women tend to be less lazy than men. People in poorer nations are twice as lazy than those in high-income countries. Global exercise levels did not improve significantly between 2001 and 2016, and the WHO is not on track to meet its 2025 target of reducing physical inactivity by 10 percent. “A significant increase in national action is urgently needed in most countries,” they said