This Doctor Uses Plastic Bottles Instead Of Ventilators To Treat Pneumonia

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This Doctor Uses Plastic Bottles Instead Of Ventilators To Treat Pneumonia

Pneumonia is one of the major causes of deaths among infants around the globe. While many of the developed nations can provide patients with expensive ventilators for treatment, those in the third world countries are forced to work out other options.

Dr. Mohamad Chisti has come up with an ingenious and comparatively cheaper alternative - A shampoo bottle! Yes, you read that right! 

Using an oxygen supply, traditionally provided using a face mask, some tubing and a plastic shampoo bottle filled with water, Dr. Chisti was able to build a cheaper yet effective version of a bubble-CPAP ventilator. The ventilator channels the infant's exhalations through a tube, which has one of its ends submerged in water.

“We carried out experiments on some of the children using the medical water bottles filled with water, and a plastic tube inserted into one end. The children then inhaled oxygen from a tank and exhaled through a tube, producing bubbles in the water in the bottles,” said Dr. Chisti

The experimentation has worked out well so far. Dr. Chisti and his team are now ready to take this innovation to other countries like Ethiopia, where trails will be conducted before its implementation. If everything turns out well, we can soon expect these plastic-bottle ventilators to reach other poorer countries where people cannot afford expensive treatment.