Watch Video: Firefighters Rescue 4-Year-Old Boy Stuck In Window Bars

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In a shocking case, a 4-year-old boy accidentally got his head stuck in window security bars that left him hanging from a fourth-story window.

Watch Video: Firefighters Rescue 4-Year-Old Boy Stuck In Window Bars

This incident took place in Linyi City, in eastern China's Shandong province.

Shocking visuals and photos of the incident has gone viral which shows the boy hanging high above the ground. 

As per local Chinese media, the small boy had climbed out of the window and fell through the bars that left his head getting stuck between the bars around the window frame.

As the small boy screamed and cried, his grandfather who was sleeping in the room rushed to his cries. He acted quickly and called the firefighters for help.

On an immediate call, they rushed to the scene and rescued the boy, local Chinese media added. Also when this terrifying incident took place, the boy's parents were not home. 

According to the police, rescuers tied a rope to the boy's chest and had a grip on his clothes. Meanwhile, locals of the building put a quilt or soft cushion for the boy to soften his fall if he slipped.

The rescue was only made possible after a machine was used to widen the bars. 

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