Police Remand Report Reveals New Details on Priyanka Reddy Rape, Murder!

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The police remand report on Hyderabad veterinarian Priyanka Reddy's rape and murder, which was submitted to the court on Saturday, revealed more chilling details on the incident.

Police Remand Report Reveals New Details on Priyanka Reddy Rape, Murder!

On Saturday, the magistrate arrived at the police station and sent the four accused to judicial custody.

Reportedly, the four accused - Mohammad alias Areef, Jollu Shiva, Jollu Naveen and Chennakeshavulu - continued to rape Priyanka one after the other inside the cabin of a lorry even after she died.

Later, one of them brought Priyanka's clothes and they kept driving on the National Highway towards Shadnagar searching for a dark spot to burn her body so that her identify would not be discovered.

Earlier, there were also reports stating that the accused forced Priyanka to consume alcohol mixed with a soft drink before hitting her on the head, raping and killing her.

Meanwhile, Bar associations of Mahbubnagar and Rangareddy districts have passed resolutions deciding not to appear in favour of the accused. 

“We have decided not to file bail petition for the accused and appear on behalf of them during the trial. If anyone steps in to appear on behalf of them, we will obstruct them as well," Anantha Reddy, president of Mahbubnagar Bar Association said.

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