Mumbai Police's Message On Consent Hits The Nail On The Head

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Mumbai Police's Message On Consent Hits The Nail On The Head

The narrative around women safety and issues have often focused on 'consent'. From our gaze, to our touch, we have often been told about the importance of consent.


Mumbai Police has often been lauded for their witty and quirky ways to highlight issues of public interest. From the infamous Kiki Challenge to issues of traffic safety, they have done it all. Now, Mumbai Police has come up with a subtle yet brilliant way of highlighting the issue. In a tweet posted on Twitter, they have used the Google search results in talking about the meaning of the word 'no'. Take a look!



"Your search for any other meaning for NO apart from NO will always end at a NO !#ANoMeansNo #ConsentCounts," posted Mumbai Police. The search results shown is just like the icing on the cake.

While it is unlikely that any of us will search for the meaning of the word 'no', this tweet by Mumbai Police is a clear message to those who justify acts of sexual assault by claiming that there are hidden meanings inside a woman's 'no'. Needless to say, Twitterati came out to laud Mumbai Police for their sensible message

Earlier this month, Uttar Pradesh police posted a similar tweet on the issue of consent. Using a Tinder promotional, they highlight how 'it's a match only when both swipe right'