Meet The Addicts Who Get A Kick Out Of Cobra Bites On Their Tongue

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Meet The Addicts Who Get A Kick Out Of Cobra Bites On Their Tongue

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Addicts have been known to make use of potent drugs and other substances to get a kick. But two men from Rajasthan are taking their addiction to the next level.

The two men have registered themselves with an unusual addiction -- Snake venom! Yes, you read that right.

Instead of the usual cocaine, heroin or hash, the men get themselves bitten by cobras right on their tongues. The men have now become subjects of a research at Chandigarh's Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research.

A quick Google search will tell you that a single bite from a cobra is enough to kill 20 people or 1 fully grown elephant. But these men have been letting cobras bite them on the tongue as no other substance seems to give them the kick they desire. Their case history has now been published in the 'Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine'.

According to a report in The Times of India, The duo's case has left scientists baffled. The study titled 'Snake venom use as a substitute for opioids: A case report and review of literature' was conducted by doctors Aseema Mehra, Debashish Basu and Sandeep Grover.

The two men have been on the opioid for 15 years now. Surprisingly, the cobra venom has not caused any fatal conditions till now. "The study was undertaken to make clinicians aware about such substance abuse for recreational purposes as not much medical literature is available," said Dr. Grover.