Man kills 12-year-old nephew as offering to god - Reason shocking!

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A man was arrested for allegedly beheading his 12-year-old nephew in order to "appease deities" for good crop harvest in Odisha's Nuapada district.

Man kills 12-year-old nephew as offering to god - Reason shocking!

He allegedly lured his nephew to a field in Nuapada district's Jadamunda village on Saturday where he attacked the boy with a sharp object and severed his head with an axe before fleeing from the scene. The boy’s elder brother, who was working at a nearby land, raised an alarm after finding his brother’s severed head, reports IB Times.

“After a few minutes, I heard cry of my younger brother from the nearby land. I thought he might have seen a snake or something. But I rushed to the spot immediately and found the severed head of Dhansingh,” the victim’s elder brother said reports TOI.

The villagers gathered at the spot and informed cops and the accused was arrested.

"We received information that an uncle killed his nephew in Jadamunda village. We have detained him and seized the weapon used in the murder. He said he did it for 'Choru' but further investigation will reveal the actual reason behind killing," Nirmal Chandra Panigrahi, the inspector-in-charge, told India Today TV.