Gang Targets Couples, Rapes More Than 60 girls!

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A gang from Madhya Pradesh, accused of abducting and raping more than 60 girls has been arrested.

Gang Targets Couples, Rapes More Than 60 girls!

According to the police. the gang used to target couples travelling out of the city. They would rob them at the Chikalar Falls in Sihari forest before raping the girls. The accused were possessing country pistols, swords, sticks, iron rod, baseball bat, chilli powder and several other weapons during the time of the arrest.

The matter came to light when one of the victims registered a complaint with the Kotwali police claiming that the gang attempted to rape her. In the complaint, she said that she was en route to Ranipur with her friend on September 4 when the gang stopped them at gunpoint and took them to a forest village. There, they robbed them of Rs.1000 and attempted to rape her. However, she managed to evade the trap.

On Sunday night, the police got a tip-off from an informer that six - seven armed men are planning to rob the house of a wealthy person on the Chakkar road. Upon information, they acted at the right time and nabbed the gang.