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63-year-old man becomes thief to impress 5 girlfriends

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63-year-old man becomes thief to impress 5 girlfriends

Out of all the things a person can do for their lover, one man went to the extreme to satisfy his girlfriend, no, his five girlfriends. The 63-year-old man from Delhi became a thief to impress his five girlfriends.


Reportedly, Bandhu Singh was dumped by his girlfriend a decade ago for not having money. It was then that Singh decided to not let money become a reason for getting rejected by a girlfriend. The man decided to steal for earning money.


Singh did small-time thievery in the beginning and became bolder as time went by. Reportedly, Singh targeted only places that were not under CCTV surveillance. However, one day he got caught after mistaking a CCTV camera for a bulb.


Bandhu Singh was immediately caught by the police. Reportedly, during interrogation, Singh reasoned that he had five girlfriends and had to support their extravagant lifestyle. He could not reform as his girlfriends' demands did not cease.