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After a Super Successful start in Diesel Delivery @ Doorstep, GoFuel introduces 'On-the-Go' EV charging solutions for Vehicles!

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After a Super Successful start in Diesel Delivery @ Doorstep, GoFuel introduces 'On-the-Go' EV charging solution for Vehicles!

After a Super Successful start in Diesel Delivery @ Doorstep, GoFuel introduces 'On-the-Go' EV charging solutions for Vehicles!

On World EV Day GoFuel introduces Charge-on-the-Go solution to address range anxiety; It’s sub-brand GoElectric Aims to be the ‘Swiggy’ & ‘Zomato’ for last-mile EV charging for 2-Wheelers, 3-Wheelers & 4-Wheelers. After a Super Successful start in Diesel Delivery @ Doorstep, expands operations to 3 more states.

⦁  100 Mobile Electric Vehicle Charging & Swapping Stations using Solar energy, planned to be launched within 2022.

⦁  Achieves Rs. 5 Cr. revenue in 5 months, dispensing more than 5 lakh liters of Diesel, extends with two more Smart Trucks (mobile dispensers) in Pilot city, Chennai.

⦁  Extends Diesel Delivery operations in Punjab, Assam, and Andhra Pradesh through franchisee model, targeting 100 Diesel Delivery Smart Trucks deployed within 2022.

GoFuel Private Limited, the Chennai-based Fuel-Entrepreneur is riding on a victory wave. After the success of its Commercial operations with Smart-Trucks (fuel tanker vehicles), it has now commissioned two more Smart Bowsers with a capacity to deliver additional 12,000 liters per day of High-Speed Diesel (HSD) at Doorstep.

A strong Proof of concept scored a consolidated revenue of Rs.5 Crore, through offtake of more than 5.35 lakh liters of Diesel over the last 5 months; GoFuel’s business model has now attracted potential Franchisees from across India. The franchisee-model, termed as ‘GoFueler program’ will support and nurture new entrepreneurs. With commissioning of ‘GoFuelers’ in Assam, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab, the business of Diesel Delivery for the last mile, is only expected to grow at a much faster pace.

GoFuel has now set its sights on the up-and-rising electric mobility domain. It has recently tied-up with domestic Solar EPC Providers & Charging-Swapping Equipment manufacturers to set a strong network of Charge-point Operations. It is also in MoU finalization with a renowned European Charger equipment pioneer to help setup what may possibly be India’s first EV mobile charging solution using 100% Solar energy. The International partner OEM already has an impressive network of over 15,000 Charging Stations functioning across Europe.

A solution which will be of interest to many EV users and prospective buyers is GoFuel’s mobile charging station, which will take away range anxiety and help users convert to Electric mobility. All this can be done at the Push of a button on the home-grown GoFuel App.

GoElectric’s ‘Charge-on-the-Go’ solution from GoFuel is a mobile charging station, which follows an innovative EV 'Charging-on-Demand' approach and is managed through Internet of Things (IoT). This allows for remote condition-monitoring, traffic allocation and ease of operations. The solution is being designed to offer up to 200 KW of Charging Speed with input requirements ranging from 240 VAC to 480 VAC. The Plug & Charge system will bring massive ease-of-use and address Charge-on-demand needs of EV 4-Wheelers & commercial vehicles. It will help especially those with emergency charging requirement, for example, imagine an Electric vehicle stranded on the road without charge, which cannot be pushed or towed as it lacks a gearbox. The only solution being GoFuel’s ‘Charge-on-the-Go’, on-demand charging!

GoFuel introduces On-the-Go EV charging solution for vehicles

For 2-Wheelers & 3-Wheelers, an innovative Swap-on-the-Go solution is being developed to help last mile deliveries. With various battery capacities, transported On-demand from the rider / driver, GoFuel’s service crews swap the depleted batteries with fully charged ones as requested. With Swapping subscription packages, vehicles can automatically receive battery swapping services overnight. This service ensures that riders wake up to a fully charged vehicle without any hassle.

Benefits to the last-mile delivery operators & commercial users include

⦁  Massive Savings in Time – No need to visit any charging station or a swapping station

⦁  Assured charged vehicles – Riders & Drivers are assured to get fully charged vehicles on-demand

⦁  Eco-friendly mobility – Thanks to solar powered battery charging instead of non-renewable energy sources ensure everyday contribution to the sustainability of our environment.

From the demand side of business, the company is expanding with a roadmap of deploying Electric 4- wheelers, 3-wheelers & 2-wheelers leasing options. “Mobility as a Service” (MaaS) is a reality already and it is here to stay with companies like GoFuel investing heavily in such initiatives. With an aim to have 100 static & mobile charging stations, to address growing demands of Electric Mobility, GoFuel is taking a  pragmatic, yet keen approach ensure sustained growth.

GoFuel introduces On-the-Go EV charging solution for vehicles

Integration of all the above services with integration into one single GoFuel’s Energy delivery ecosystem will support Diesel Delivery @ Doorstep, Charge-on-the-Go & Swap-on-the-Go. What’s more? All this convenience if offered through a simple push of a button on the GoFuel Super-App.

Mr. Vinodhraj, GoFuel’s Founder & CEO, attributes the success to his team, customer’s trust and the unconditional support received from the Oil Marketing Companies, for the strategic addition to GoElectric which will be the last mile energy delivery for all Electric Vehicle charging requirements.

Things are looking exciting in the Mobility & Transport sector and GoFuel is poised to address the needs and demands not just in Diesel Delivery but also sizably in the Electric Vehicles domain.

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