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Frozen 2 (aka) Frozen II review
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Production: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Cast: Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad, Kristen Bell
Direction: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
Screenplay: Jennifer Lee
Story: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
Music: Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez
Background score: Christophe Beck

Like any Disney animated film, Frozen 2 directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, also delivers a rounded and satisfying experience at the cinemas. It is another animated magical and adventurous story presented in an aesthetically pleasing manner, with stunning visuals and extraordinary music by Christophe Beck.  

The 2013 prequel of the film tells the story of Elsa and Anna, daughters of the king of Arendelle, and the second part which has released now, is all about how the sisters face the consequences of a battle that took place 34 years ago between their people and the tribes living in a 'magical mountain' which leads to shattered relationships whilst making the mountain hostile and restricted to the outside world.

Being a musical fantasy drama, the song sequences are rightfully placed, which also regulates this fast-paced film. The plot of the film is much wider than the prequel and Elsa flaunts her powers in various imaginative ways in this, unlike the first part. The destination of the protagonist of the film is to find the origin of the voice which only she can hear, that ultimately guides her to the magical journey in which she uncovers various truths from the past. Will Elsa find the voice? will she learn the 5th element of nature, and more, constitutes the plot.

With the racy screenplay and the intense sequences where Elsa befriends the fiery frog and the magnificent water horse, the film is well balanced with an admirably subtle romance between Anna and her man Kristoff, who yearns to propose to her at the right moment. Watch out for the sequence where Elsa confronts the sea and ends up facing a water horse. The super-packed action sequence between the frosty queen and the horse might get you at the edge of your seat.

Jeff Draheim's editing gives room for the audience (rightly) to feel the emotional changes in and the changing landscapes. Despite all the breath-taking drama happening in a wondrous way, it is Olaf who is really loved by the audience (both children and adults). The care-free, cute little snowman who cannot melt (thanks to Elsa) can definitely melt one's heart away, with his lively presence and amiable character. Olaf's hilarious act-out of what has happened until now in a 1-minute sequence will be one of the most favourite scenes from the film.

The cold yet loving Elsa, the tensed Anna who is constantly worried about losing her only family (her sister) and the jolly-go attitude of Olaf is well sculpted by the writers and the visual rendition of these long-popular characters is flawless, just like it's 2013 predecessor.

Overall, Frozen 2 is a dazzling watch for the kids who will be thrilled by the stunning visuals, pleasant vibe, and the continuous comical moments while it might end up being a good satisfying film for the adults (who still have the kid inside them).

Verdict: Elsa and Anna's magical quest casts a spell on the viewers and keeps our eyes stuck at the screen. An enjoyable watch!


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