Release Date : Aug 15,2018 Aug 15, 2018 Movie Run Time : 2 hours 28 minutes
Censor Rating : U/A

After the thundering success of the song Inkem Inkem Inkem Kaavale, Vijay Deverakonda's Geetha Govindam has opened to a super response with early shows in Chennai! This film has Rashmika Mandanna playing the female lead with Parasuram at the helm and Gopi Sundar taking care of the tunes.

Vijay Govind (Vijay Deverakonda) is extremely attracted to Geetha (Rashmika Mandanna), but he messes his image up in his very first meeting with her. Things take a shocking turn when they're brought together owing to some family circumstances. How Vijay manages to bring things under his control, along with some unexpected twists and turns is what Geetha Govindam is all about.

First things first, the buzz for this film was at an all-time high in Chennai, with Vijay Deverakonda's fans taking complete control of the proceedings. It is a pleasure to watch him perform on screen as he seems very comfortable in this character. His body language and humour works in favour of the film.

The next big pulling factor for this film is Gopi Sundar's music. The super duper hit track Inkem Inkem Inkem Kaavale has been a sensation all over. However, it is not misplaced in this film. Apart from this, a couple of other songs and the background music is a treat to our ears, though he has used the veena bits from Inkem Inkem throughout the film.

Rashmika Mandanna as Geetha looks beautiful and is definitely not a let down with regards to performance. Her character has been handled with care. She doesn't play a typical commercial heroine, but of course, there are certain commercial characteristics which she carries forward gracefully. Rahul Ramakrishna's comical one-liners are an added advantage to the film

Director Parasuram deserves praise for neatly weaving humor with enjoyable drama in this film. The conflict is brought into the picture right in the beginning and not much time is wasted in establishing it. From thereon, the screenplay is engaging. Some scenes in the second half fall into set patterns and that might come off as a drawback.

The depictions of the families in the film is pretty grounded and it sticks to the culture followed there. A few extra twists in the latter half of the film add to the drama and are passable. However, there could have been a better reasoning for what solves the conflict.

The cinematography and editing are functional and doesn't add much value. The dialogues are contemporary and the comedy infused in it works very well. Some logical loopholes are explained with a quote by Alfred Hitchcock - "When drama begins, the logic ends".

Nithya Menen, Anu Emmanuel, and Vennela Kishore appear in cameo roles, thereby adding some visual appeal.

In a nutshell, Geetha Govindam is a pleasant rom-com drama that doesn't disappoint.


Verdict: Geetha Govindam is an enjoyable comedy drama and a treat for Vijay Devarakonda fans!


( 2.75 / 5.0 )
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Production: Bunny Vyas
Cast: Rashmika Mandanna, Vijay Deverakonda
Direction: Parasuram
Screenplay: John
Story: John
Music: Gopi Sundar
Background score: Gopi Sundar

Geetha Govindam (aka) Geeta Govindam

Geetha Govindam (aka) Geeta Govindam is a Telugu movie. Rashmika Mandanna, Vijay Deverakonda are part of the cast of Geetha Govindam (aka) Geeta Govindam. The movie is directed by Parasuram. Music is by Gopi Sundar. Production by Bunny Vyas.