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Actress Trisha who is waiting for the release of her much anticipated romantic drama, 96, is also part of Superstar Rajinikanth's next biggie, directed by Karthik Subbaraj.

Meanwhile, the talented atress took to her Twitter space to warn all the negative people, who spam her profile or damage her name with unnecessary tweets defaming any other actor. Trisha posted, "Spam my timeline,being disrespectful to any other actor because you think thats “loyalty” towards me or spewing sarcasm/harassment or bullying of any sort at me!! YOU will be BLOCKED !!!"

Meanwhile Trisha also shared a nostalgic picture from the shooting spot of Aayudha Ezhuthu, where Mani Ratnam was seen directing the actress, alongside Siddharth. 

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Home > Tamil Movies > Tamil Cinema News

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Last week, Sun Pictures announced yet another addition to the star cast of Rajinikanth's next with Karthik Subbaraj. Yes, we're referring to the announcement that Trisha will be a part of this biggie! 

This is the first time Trisha will be acting alongside Rajinikanth and this makes her one of the very few heroines to have acted with all the leading stars of the industry. 

Now, Trisha took to Instagram yesterday and posted a picture of her in a new hairdo. She has cut her hair very short, and we haven't seen her in this getup in any of her previous films. 

Her timely haircut, right before the shooting schedule of the film has raised a really important doubt. Is this short hairstyle her look in the Rajinikanth-Karthik Subbaraj project? 

She hasn't officially announced this, and we have seen no photoshoot or working stills from the film. So we need to wait for an official looks to release, to know better! 

However, we wish this could be a welcome look-change for the trendy star! 

Trisha warns that she will block disrespectful people on Twitter

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