Watch Video: Chilling CCTV footages of minutes before Sri Lanka blasts in hotels

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New chilling footages have emerged where the Sri Lankan wealthy bomber brothers walked into the luxury Shangri-La and Cinnamon Grand hotels and detonated their vests as guests were eating breakfast on Easter Sunday.

The video footage from a camera in the Cinnamon Grand's Taprobane restaurant shows the bomber inches away from people dining. He appeared to hesitate minutes before he blew himself up. Inshaf had reportedly checked into the hotel the previous night using a fake name and claiming to be on a business trip.

A CCTV footage previously revealed the moment his brother Ilham and another bomber taking lift to the restaurant of the five-star Shangri-La hotel before blowing themselves up. They appear to be discussing something in the elevator before they got off it. A toddler and mother were seen running around near the bomber.

They entered the hotels unnoticed and detonated the bombs as the guests were having their breakfast, while similar explosions devastated three churches.

Hours later, Police raided their mansion in an xclusive neighbourhood of Colombo, Ilham's pregnant wife Fatima blew herself up, killing her three children and three officers.

According to Daily Mail, Inshaf, 38, lived with his wife and their four children - an eight-year-old daughter and three boys aged six, four and two - in a £1.5million six-bed mansion on one of the most exclusive streets in Colombo. The house, which has its own gym and a fleet of high-end cars, is owned by Inshaf's brother-in-law Mr Alawdeen, a jewellery trader.  Inshaf was a successful businessman and owned a copper factory thought to be where the suicide bombs were made.He was described by relatives and employees as affluent, calm and devout. He told his wife that he was flying to Zambia on business on Friday, adding that she should 'be strong' before killing himself and multiple others.

Police have arrested 46 suspects, including the driver of a van allegedly used by the bombers.