Release Date : Sep 07,2018 Sep 07, 2018 Movie Run Time : 2 hour 23 minutes
Censor Rating : U/A

In Malayalam, Theevandi means train; and the movie Theevandi has finally arrived after running a few months late. The movie was supposed to release on June 29 but got postponed due to many undisclosed issues. It has Kerala's Superman Tovino Thomas in the lead with newbie Samyuktha Menon as his love interest. Written by Vini Vishwa Lal and directed by debutante Fellini TP, this political satire drama has been produced by August Cinemas.

'Theevandi' is a title given to chain smokers in Kerala and Tovino plays the role of Bineesh Damodaran, a youngster who can never be seen without a cigarette in his hand. The plot of the movie revolves around Bineesh, his addiction and the impact it has on others and his relationship with them.

The second half of the movie is comparatively more engaging and entertaining than the first half, as it reaps the results of what was laid in the former part. A slight lag felt, in the beginning, is soon forgotten as the story moves forward and comedy gets into the driving seat.

The writer and director seem to have taken special care in avoiding the typical preaching to the public, which is very common in movies made on similar social issues. As a result, the movie is stylish, it is funny and it will make you think after getting out of the theater.

Tovino Thomas is the soul of the movie. He has given a stellar performance as a chain smoker. The national award winner Suraj Venjarammoodu plays a pivotal role in the movie and as expected delivers a poised performance. Debutante Samyuktha has what it takes to become a successful leading lady in Malayalam if she keeps working hard on her acting. Saiju Kurup, Shammi Thilakan, Surabhi Lakshmi and Sudheesh are in the front row when it comes to handling humor.

Music has played an indispensable role in getting Theevandi the acceptance and anticipation it got. All the songs, especially the song Jeevamshamay composed by Kailas Menon is one among the chart-toppers this year.

Theevandi has been visually handled neatly. It does not have any extraordinary beautiful frames but has a special standard to it. The VFX scenes have turned out to be good.

Theevandi is a total package. It has humor, it has a social message and has style and romance in it. It is a political satire set in an imaginary village called Pullinaadu where the number plates of every vehicle have a 'PL' registration.

Verdict: Theevendi is an outright entertainer with a funnier and engaging second half


( 3.0 / 5.0 )
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Production: August Cinema
Cast: Samyuktha, Tovino Thomas
Direction: Fellini T.P

Theevandi (aka) Theevandi Malayalam Movie

Theevandi (aka) Theevandi Malayalam Movie is a Malayalam movie. Samyuktha, Tovino Thomas are part of the cast of Theevandi (aka) Theevandi Malayalam Movie. The movie is directed by Fellini T.P. Production by August Cinema.