Release Date : Aug 04,2017 Aug 03, 2017 Movie Run Time : 2 Hours 01 Minutes
Censor Rating : U

After the big success of "Happy Wedding", director Omar Lulu is back with another romantic comedy film "Chunkz", set in the backdrop of an engineering college. Produced by Vyshak Rajan, the movie which features Honey Rose, Balu Varghese, Lal and Dharmajan in pivotal roles, has been written by Joseph Vijeesh, Aneesh Hameed and Sanoop Thykoodam.



Chunkz tells the story of four engineering students Romario, Atmaram, Riyas and Yudas played by Balu Varghese, Dharmajan, Ganapathi and Vishakh Nair. While they are busy enjoying their time in college, Romario's childhood friend Riya (Honey Rose) joins the college in the fourth year. Her entry into the mechanical department changes the equation of the whole campus. Along with her comes Sherin (Mareena) who adds spice to the dish.


Script & Direction

The movie heavily relies on the humour that is present throughout the screenplay. A major chunk of it falls in the borderline of adult humour that will entertain the youth. Exclude the humour, and the screenplay will seem very amateur and out of shape. The lack of a solid script is evident throughout the movie, which impels one to think that if there were a better-worked story and screenplay, the movie would have been a better watch. Chunkz is the director's second outing after Happy Wedding, but apart from the entertainment factor, it appears as if he could have worked well on the screenplay.



As the screenplay of Chunkz is shallow, an actor can show his merit only through his comic timing. Honey Rose and Mareena have performed decently, look beautiful and stylish in modern outfits. Balu Varghese shoulders a major portion of the comedy alongside Dharmajan, Ganapathi and Vishakh Nair, and performs effectively at most places. Siddique, Lal and Shammi Thilakan also do their part in creating the occasional giggle.


Cinematography & Music

Alby cranks the camera of the film in which Gopi Sunder handles the music department. Even though it is a common practice to use iconic background scores from other movies to elate and turn up similar situations, the overuse of such tracks impoverishes the original soundtrack of Chunkz.


What could've been better

There is a long way to go for Chunkz to end up being a complete entertainer in Malayalam. It has the right cast, a well-written screenplay and a pinch of classy humour was all that Chunkz needed.


What makes Chunkz worth your money

The comic timing of Dharmajan, Balu, Ganapathi, Siddique and Lal.


Verdict: The major chunk of Humour in Chunkz will satisfy the youth.


( 2.25 / 5.0 )
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Production: Vaishak Rajan
Cast: Balu Varghese, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Ganapathi.S.Poduwal , Harish Kanaran, Honey Rose, Lal, Siddique
Direction: Omar Lulu
Screenplay: Omar Lulu
Story: Omar Lulu
Music: Gopi Sunder
Background score: Gopi Sunder
Cinematography: Alby
Dialogues: Omar Lulu
Editing: Dileep Dennies

Chunkzz (aka) Chunkz

Chunkzz (aka) Chunkz is a Malayalam movie. Balu Varghese, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Ganapathi.S.Poduwal , Harish Kanaran, Honey Rose, Lal, Siddique are part of the cast of Chunkzz (aka) Chunkz. The movie is directed by Omar Lulu. Music is by Gopi Sunder. Production by Vaishak Rajan, cinematography by Alby, editing by Dileep Dennies.