Release Date : Dec 22,2017 Dec 21, 2017 Movie Run Time : 2 Hours 40 Minutes
Censor Rating : U

In the history of Indian cinema, a sequel to a flop movie has seldom been made until the Jayasurya starrer Aadu 2 hit the screens on December 22. Directed by the Om Shanthi Oshana writer Midhun Manuel Thomas, its prequel, Aadu Oru Bheekara Jeeviyanu released in 2015. Even though the movie did not fare well at the Box Office, it gained a cult status after DVD release, when comedy scenes from it flooded the internet and social media sites. Shaji Pappan (Jayasurya), Arakkal Abu (Saiju Kurup), Sathan Xavier (Sunny Wayne), Captain Cletus (Dharmajan Bolgatty), Sarbath Shameer (Vijay Babu) and the other characters won many hearts.


Aadu 2 has most of the characters from the prequel and is an entertainer to fans. Deeply rooted on the first part, the movie falls into the comedy-thriller genre. As advertised by the makers, it is something that should be seen as a simple, light, fun movie with no commitment to logic. The plot revolves around Shaji Pappan and gang, who unknowingly get entwined in a fraudulent deal and are forced to lock horns with dangerous smugglers. The first half consists of scenes that establish the setting for the story, which is revealed and developed in the second half.


Midhun Manuel Thomas's direction appears to have taken a low slide with easily visible continuity mistakes and a very loose screenplay. Even though a movie can be made in an unrealistic and cartoon-ish manner, a gripping screenplay is a must to create the perfect entertainer. Apart from good humor and quality performances, there are very few positives in the film, that click without a reference to the prequel. The colorful tone used by cinematographer Vishnu Narayanan makes it very lively and attractive.


Jayasurya stands out as Shaji Pappan and is the core and crux of the movie. He is well supported by Vijay Babu, Dharmajan Bolgatty, Vinayakan and Saiju Kurup.


In the first part, Shaan Rahman had given excellent background music with iconic tunes that were entitled to each character. It played a great role in the acceptance of the characters and also in creating humor. He has carried forward this into the second part and has succeeded in creating the same impact, but the songs in the film appear to fly below his standards.


The movie will definitely entertain anyone who is a fan of Shaji Pappan and Aadu Oru Bheekara Jeeviyanu, but might not satisfy everyone.

Verdict: "Aadu 2" has interesting characters, but the lack of an engaging story makes it an average watch.


( 2.25 / 5.0 )
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Production: Friday Film House
Cast: Dharmajan Bolgatty, Jayasurya, Saiju Kurup, Swathi Reddy, Vijay Babu
Direction: Midhun Manuel Thomas
Screenplay: Midhun Manuel Thomas
Story: Midhun Manuel Thomas
Music: Shaan Rahman
Background score: Shaan Rahman
Cinematography: Vishnu Narayanan
Dialogues: Midhun Manuel Thomas
Editing: Lijo Paul

Aadu 2 (aka) Aadu 2 Movie

Aadu 2 (aka) Aadu 2 Movie is a Malayalam movie. Dharmajan Bolgatty, Jayasurya, Saiju Kurup, Swathi Reddy, Vijay Babu are part of the cast of Aadu 2 (aka) Aadu 2 Movie. The movie is directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas. Music is by Shaan Rahman. Production by Friday Film House, cinematography by Vishnu Narayanan, editing by Lijo Paul.