Release Date : Apr 22,2017 Apr 21, 2017 Movie Run Time : 2 Hours 05 Minutes
Censor Rating : U/A

Back in the early 1930s, during Japan’s invasion of Manchuria, tension prevailed in China. According to history, Japan expanded its force in China mostly with the help of the railways. So the Chinese decide to blow up this huge Marco Polo Bridge that links both the countries.

Railroad Tigers talks about the life of few railroad workers in China who fight against the Japanese to get food for the needy Chinese. And when things get out of hand, they decide to blast the Marco Polo Bridge.

The script looks very intense on paper but the way it is treated makes it is a solid fun action flick. The film starts off in a slow fashion and might not engage you in the beginning in spite of its action scenes but as the story develops, you will get more involved.

Jackie Chan movie fans will definitely not be disappointed especially after seeing him acting in some mediocre scripts of late. Railroad Tigers is one of the better scripts that Jackie Chan has found in the recent times. However, the screenplay is inconsistent and could have been a lot tighter.

Railroad Tigers is a Chinese made English dubbed film. In the actual film, some dialogues are being spoken in Japanese and then translated into Chinese for the locals to understand. Unfortunately, in the English version, you will have to hear the same dialogue twice. In some places, you would not know if it is Japanese or Chinese talking which hinders the nativity.

Jackie Chan at 63, still has it in him and entertains thoroughly like he usually does. Though the action scenes have been toned down compared to his previous films, he still has given his best. It is not the Jackie that we used to see in the 80s but still you get some top notch action scene that is inventively choreographed and is fun to watch.

You also have Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan playing a pivotal role in the film and the scene where both discuss how similar they look is heartwarming to see. The comedies do work in places. Maybe it is not a run-of-the-mill comedy film but it has adequate fun moments that would please Jackie Chan fans.

Ding Sheng needs to be lauded for making a serious film in an enjoyable way. The cinematography is another major plus for the film and so was the editing. The script demands a lot of CGI work but largely the special effects are tacky.

Verdict: Overall an enjoyable Jackie Chan film that could have been better!


( 2.75 / 5.0 )
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Production: Zhao Lei, Zhou Mao Fei
Cast: Darren Wang, Huang Zitao, Jackie Chan, Wang Kai
Direction: Ding Sheng
Screenplay: Ding Sheng
Story: Alex Jia, Ding Sheng, He Keke
Music: Zai Lao
Background score: Zai Lao
Cinematography: Yu Ding
Dialogues: Ding Sheng
Editing: Ding Sheng

Railroad Tigers (aka) Railroad Tiger

Railroad Tigers (aka) Railroad Tiger is a English movie. Darren Wang, Huang Zitao, Jackie Chan, Wang Kai are part of the cast of Railroad Tigers (aka) Railroad Tiger. The movie is directed by Ding Sheng. Music is by Zai Lao. Production by Zhao Lei, Zhou Mao Fei, cinematography by Yu Ding, editing by Ding Sheng.