Release Date : Feb 04,2017 Feb 03, 2017 Movie Run Time : 1 hour 42 minutes
Censor Rating : U/A

Kung Fu Yoga is the collaboration of Jackie Chan with Indian actors like Disha Patani, Amyra Dastur and Sonu Sood and is directed by Stanley Tong. The movie is set in China as well as India(Rajasthan). How has this action comedy fared? Read further to know


Kung Fu Yoga starts off with a 10 minute animation portion that has a history related to ancient archaeology. This 10 minutes is the most important portion which paves way to the direction in which the movie travels. Jackie Chan plays an archaeologist who does research and Disha Patani is a visiting professor who needs his help to solve a mystery and find a treasure that forms a link between China and India. They are joined by Amyra Dastur, Aarif Rahman, Zhang and Miya who play supporting characters.


Once this team sets out to find the treasure, there comes Sonu Sood who plays the baddie. He claims the treasure is his and his team hunts down Jackie and gang to loot the diamond and treasure. From here on the film is complete chaos. There is confusion, action, forced comedy scenes and preachy dialogues about history and archaeology.


Shot with a high budget, there are daredevil stunts, numerous action scenes but nothing concrete to justify them. Jackie does entertain at times with his comic fights and crazy dialogues. The chase sequence in Dubai is grand but illogical. A moderately powerful car such as an Infinity even if driven by Jackie cannot be caught by a bunch of  Dubai policemen driving Lamborghinis and Bugatti Veyrons.


The grandeur goes down due to a weak plot and predictable knot. There is Disha who smiles throughout the movie with minimal acting to do. Sonu Sood is an angry young man with the sole purpose of getting his hands on the treasure. Apart from the occasional humour from Jackie Chan, there is barely anything to offer.


Music towards the end becomes ignorable and the visuals are decent. The lazy screenplay becomes the major negative which stops the flow of Kung Fu Yoga. The music and dance towards the end were easily avoidable and there has been an addition of masala to accommodate Jackie Chan. Stunts stand out and the chemistry Jackie shares with the lion in Dubai is good. Another positive is the use of humour within serious fights.


The Hyena portion is too long and so is the unrealistic climax which ends with no proper justification. If not for Jackie Chan, Kung Fu Yoga loses life and he has tried his best to entertain with this not very appealing storyline.

Verdict: Kung Fu Yoga with it’s slack screenplay, unrealistic scenes and occasional humour from Jackie Chan is just not enough to entertain the audiences!


( 2.0 / 5.0 )
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Production: Taihe Entertainement
Cast: Disha Patani, Jackie Chan
Direction: Stanley Tong
Screenplay: Stanley Tong
Story: Stanley Tong

Kung Fu Yoga (aka) Kungfu Yoga

Kung Fu Yoga (aka) Kungfu Yoga is a English movie. Disha Patani, Jackie Chan are part of the cast of Kung Fu Yoga (aka) Kungfu Yoga. The movie is directed by Stanley Tong. Production by Taihe Entertainement.