Interview Team : Arjun, Jeya Suriya, Jyothsna
ADK and SRI RASCOL are two rappers who worked in the song Showkali.They earned much critical fame for the song,thanks to the speed in which they rapped. We had a friendly interview session with them and during the progress of the session quite a lot of facts surfaced

  Your combo has worked out so well in Showkali song. Where did you guys meet up first? Do you guys remember the meet?

  Sri Rascol : I still remember, but I want to check whether ADK remembers it. ADK, Please go ahead.   ADK : I do remember Sri. I have met Sri more than a couple of times at various events, but the first time we spoke to each other was during KLMF event in 2012. Even post that event we just follow each other and be a “Hi-Bye” friend. We actually started connecting with each other very recently.

  In a debutant’s perspective, how happy are you about the response of Showkali?

Showkali is the breakthroughs of my career.

  Sri Rascol : I am out of words to explain the happiness. I never dreamt this kind of response even in my dreams. Showkali is the breakthroughs of my career. I have done more music before Showkali but I have never gotten even 10% of this response. I am thankful and grateful to ADK for bringing this opportunity for me. Thanks to Rahman sir for this great opportunity. Yes, I am very happy with the response the song has received.

  Your future ventures as a team?

  Sri Rascol: We are undertaking a brand. It is called “ADK Sri Rascol”. The brand would be for life. I wanted to clear it to everyone that this brand is not for a single album. There would be a lot more collaboration for movies, music albums and we are even planning on merchandise as well. The song from the brand is “Acham Enbadhu Madamaiyada” from the album “Rapracharam” and it would hit the stores very soon.   ADK: Teamwork is always needed for any success but you got to collaborate with different teams. We will work united forever but when called individually we would make justice to our profession.

  Is the track “Acham Enbadhu Madamaiyada” composed for a promo for the movie? Tell us more about the song.

The sound is mixed by Grammy Award Winning sound engineer-Deepak.

  Sri Rascol : This would be a promotional track for the movie. It is releasing on 10th of August. While composing Showkali at Rahman sir’s studio we had an idea to make this album but we also had doubt about it. Rahman sir interrupted us during the confusion and he was the one who initiated us into making this. The sound is mixed by Grammy Award Winning sound engineer-Deepak. D-Navigator is the producer. The track is perfectly done and it’s a dedication from our team to A.R.Rahman sir and Gautam Menon sir. 
 ADK : I would like to say about our producer first. He is an award-winning producer and he has worked with many international artists. We are planning to release the album on 10th of August and the video version will be out very soon. Speaking about the song, when we asked Gautham sir about making it, he immediately agreed and asked us to put a word to Rahman sir as well. Rahman sir was the one who gave the confidence and once the song was over we sent it to him and they both appreciated us a lot.They asked us to release the song after the release of AYM album. Now here, we are releasing it worldwide. Few radio stations are releasing it exclusively for us. We are very happy and excited about the release. And yes, the song is an official release from the AYM team.

  Do you think you guys are restricted to this form of singing alone? Would you guys try other forms of singing?

ADK is an extremely talented singer and he can perform all forms of singing.

  Sri Rascol : Rap is a rhythm and poetry. People are not aware that there are many forms of rap. We are trying to experiment all forms of rap. ADK is an extremely talented singer and he can perform all forms of singing. Once we are offered any chance to do other conventional stuff, we would for sure deliver the best. 
 ADK : I think we don’t sound the same. We are different from other rappers. We have done just one song alone-Showkali. We have tried to bring out more uniqueness to it. Though we are rappers if someone tries to rope us in for conventional music, we would for sure do it. Anyhow, our main concentration would be on rapping as we love it.

  What does Rapracharam mean by?

  Sri Rascol : Rapracharam means “Speak out”. We are trying to spread positivity through our albums and songs. Rap is our culture and we are trying to make “Pracharam” out of it. So, that’s Rapracharam.

  Did you guys receive any personal note from A.R.Rahman for the response of Showkali?

Gautam sir hugged us immediately after he heard it for the first time.

  Sri Rascol : Rahman sir gave us the best moment ever in our lives. He called me personally during his visit to KL for the Nenje Yezhu show. I met him during his travel back to the airport.  It was an hour long journey and during the journey, he told me a line which is unforgettable- “Showkali was a good song but after your final touch it has become even better”.   ADK : Gautam sir hugged us immediately after he heard it for the first time. He was so happy. Rahman sir too said that he was happy about the song’s response. We consider their words and blessings more than the personal note.

  Did Rahman say anything to you about Sri Rascol about his performance in Showkali?

  ADK : Even before the composition of Showkali when I showed Rahman sir the track which Sri performed, he was very happy and excited about him. He told me that this guy has got a unique talent of singing fast. He was planning Sri to make him sing in some other song but that didn’t work out at all. He finally decided to make him sing in Showkali and once Sri Rascol’s part was over, he texted me that his performance was amazing. Rahman sir also liked Sri Rascol.

  Future Projects?

Rahman sir has called us again.

  ADK : Rahman sir has called us again. We are planning for it and that would happen very soon. For Kavalai Vendam I alone have sung a small portion under the music of Leon James. I have also sung a song for Harris Jayaraj sir. Other than that we both have come up with a promotional track “Acham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada” for the film AYM.

  Working experience with Santhosh Narayanan?

I call him my anna always. Though he is younger than me, he has grown up high in terms of growth and talent.

  ADK : My working experience with Santhosh Narayanan is extremely brilliant. Post Rahman sir it is Santhosh sir who is extremely kind hearted. I know him for a long time. I respect him for his capability. I call him my anna. Though he is younger than me, he has grown up high in terms of growth and talent. I saw him first at Praveen Mani sir’s house where he was assisting him in Sound Engineering works. He used to be very simple during those days and he maintains the same simplicity even after these many years.

  Usually, rappers write the lyrics of their songs whereas you couldn't do it in Mun Sellada? Were you comfortable working with the song?

  ADK : Definitely, I was comfortable working with Mun Sellada.  Indeed, I would like to say that the freedom which Santhosh anna gave me is almost the same as Rahman sir. No one has ever treated me like Rahman sir or Santhosh Anna. The reason behind not writing the lyrics for that song is that it was already written by Madan Karky sir. He is a legend and I felt proud singing his lyrics.



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