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Thondan (aka) Thondann Songs review
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Production: Naadodigal Productions, R. Manikandan
Cast: Samuthirakani, Sunaina, Thambi Ramaiah, Vikranth
Direction: Samuthirakani
Screenplay: Samuthirakani
Story: Samuthirakani
Music: Justin Prabhakaran
Background score: Justin Prabhakaran
Cinematography: Richard M Nathan
Dialogues: Samuthirakani
Editing: A.L.Ramesh
Singers: Daya Bijibal, Diwakar, Justin Prabhakaran, Pradeep Kumar, Prashanthini, Sean Roldan, Vaikom Vijayalakshmi
Lyrics: Vivekh, Yuga Bharathi
PRO: Nikkil Murugan

Thondan Thondan
Singer: Diwakar
Lyrics: Yugabharathi


Thondan Thondan, a fast paced title track to start with by composer Justin. It has been rendered by singer Diwakar who has the energy to match such a number. The chorus is not too appealing and the use of instruments like guitar and strings are evident. The electric guitar is a constant and Thondan Thondan is that number which gives the adrenaline rush.

Chelakutti Joraa 
Singers: Justin Prabhakaran, Prashanthini
Lyricist: Vivek


A folk based medium paced number that has foot tapping music. Instruments like Nadhaswaram give it the rural feeling. It is a celebration based song which has a tinge of Kuthu as well. It has been sung well by Justin himself and aided by the vocals of Prashanthini.


Poi Varavaa
: Sean Roldan
Lyrics: Yugabharathi


Poi Varavaa is a melancholy number which is an instrument dominated song. Sean Roldan sounds at his usual best and adds life and emotion to this kind of the number. Lyrics by Yugabharathi are also impressive. Strings, flute and even percussions are put to good use with Poi Varavaa.

Ettoorum Kekkum 
Singers : Pradeep Kumar
Lyricist : Yugabharathi


A neat folk number with some really nice use of percussions. It has an attractive theme and both the beats and rhythm are catchy. Pradeep Kumar proves why he is known to be a versatile singer. A light number which impacts the listener for the ghatam, tabla, pulsating tune and vocals.


Vaasamulla Poova
Singers : Vaikom Vijayalakshmi, Daya Bijibal
Lyricist : Yugabharathi


A number which has craving and sadness as it’s main theme. Vaikom Vijayalakshmi seems to be the right choice for this style of song that has mild use of instruments and heavy chord usage. Piano and vocals dominate Vaasamulla Poova which falls under the category of the situational numbers. There is an innocence with Daya’s voice which gives it a different emotion

Verdict: Justin's tunes for Thondan have the standard combination of melody and folk numbers!


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( 2.5 / 5.0 )


Thondan (aka) Thondann

Thondan (aka) Thondann is a Tamil movie with production by Naadodigal Productions, R. Manikandan, direction by Samuthirakani, cinematography by Richard M Nathan, editing by A.L.Ramesh. The cast of Thondan (aka) Thondann includes Samuthirakani, Sunaina, Thambi Ramaiah, Vikranth.