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Here we bring you the best news of the just passed week. Have a glance through it to get updated about the latest proceedings in K-town!


A Change in Bairavaa after 2 days

Bairavaa released on 12th January to a massive opening day collection. The film is being enjoyed by Vijay's fans worldwide.


The running time of the film was 2 hours and 48 minutes. Now, after 2 days since release, the team has trimmed the film by 6 minutes and the running time is now reduced to 2 hours and 42 minutes. One minute is reduced in the first half and 5 minutes in the second half. The majority response from critics and fans in social media was about the length of the second half and it looks like the team has taken the necessary action to make the movie crisper.


Bad News : Bairavaa to face a barrier in Vijay's fort

While Superstar Rajnikanth's Kabali and Vijay's Theri released in 306 and 200 theaters respectively in Kerala, sources say that Bairavaa has been scheduled to release only in 70 or less number of screens. The ongoing strike in Malayalam film industry has hit the Vijay movie as normally it would have got more number of theaters (a minimum of 180) there.


The distributors have decided not to screen Bairavaa in the theaters that come under the Exhibitors Federation. The movie will be released in multiplexes, Government and B-class theaters. According to sources, if any theater owner from the Federation wishes to screen Bairavaa, he would have to sign an agreement that says that he agrees with the existing revenue division.


Not releasing Bairavaa in A-class theaters would be a big blow for Exhibitors Federation as Vijay movies normally have great opening collections there


It is a well-known fact that Trisha is an ambassador for PETA. People from Tamil Nadu who are against PETA and support Jallikattu, stopped her from shooting at Karaikudi for her next flick, Garjanai. Trisha was immensely agitated after she found it difficult to leave the shooting spot.


After reaching home safely, Trisha reacts to this with continuous tweets. Trisha said, ‘’Before i break my silence on d concerned issue,i would firstly lik 2 thank d entire police personnel of Tamil Nadu for makin sure i reached home safe last night n for being a source of comfort n strength to my family who was put through unnecessary stress and agony.


Secondly,I have never spoken against Jallikattu at any given point.Thank u @iam_str for making my stand clear and takin up for me as always


That bein said,I am shocked n mortified at d haters n d kind of filthy language bein used jus bcoz u have free access 2 social media.


Disrespecting a woman and her family is tamil culture?You should be ashamed to call urself a Tamilian or even speak about Tamil culture.’’


There was even a meme that was made about Trisha which said that she had passed away and also insulted her parents. Trisha has been immensly affected by this and she is yet to officially take her stand on the Jallikattu issue.


**Tweets are not spell-checked


Actor Simbu had arranged for a sudden press meet at his residence today, 11th January. Here we bring you his complete speech.


“You have all gathered here based on the request of an actor named Simbu. But today, I am going to talk as a Tamilian and not as an actor. My mother tongue gave me an identity to me. Tamil is one of the oldest languages in the world and it very special. Peacock is the National Bird of India as it considered as a special bird. I am told that once Anna (C. N. Annadurai) had raised his voice on why is Tamil not selected as India’s National languages as it is very special too. He was replied back saying since Hindi is the most spoken language throughout India, it has been selected as our National language. For which Anna had said, Crow is one bird that you could find throughout India and why is that Peacock has been chosen as India’s National Bird? Tamil is such an exceptional language, and I am very proud and happy to say it’s my mother tongue. I knew about Tamil’s importance and its culture since I came from a family that is so patriotic about Tamil. I have scored 99 and 100 in Tamil till my 5th grade. That is how much passionate I was about Tamil. I am first a human, then a Tamilian then only an Indian. Everything that belongs to me today is because of my mother tongue Tamil. Coming to the point, I am not a politician; I am an actor, someone who dances and sings in cinema. We all know how many problems that Tamilan’s face. Not as an actor, just a commoner born in Tamil, I was thinking how could I voice or help Tamil people who are suffering. Even I have my means to express my anger since I am an actor but what about a commoner who wants to express his feelings? Yeah, there are few means like protesting and hunger strike. We have seen many protests over the years but have we ever got any solution out of them? I came to know about how a bull is brought up when I made a film called Silambattam. That is when I got to know the importance of Jallikattu. I have not addressed any issues before; maybe I was not so matured before. But I felt that if I don’t talk today, then when will I? First I need to say something about this Jallikattu issue. The biggest plus and minus of all Tamilians is that we forgive and forget everything very easily. We have let go of all kind of things thus far. But how could someone come and erode our culture and tradition that is so old? Should we keep quite even for this? When a soldier dies in Jammu and Kashmir, he is addressed as Indian soldier but whereas when a fisherman is killed in Sri Lanka, he is addressed as a Tamil fisherman by the press. Why is that discrimination?"

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