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Here we bring you the best happenings of Kollywood from the just passed week.


The Unknown story of Varalakshmi's Harassment

Yet another actress has opened up about the disrespect she has received because of being a woman in the film industry. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar has posted on her social media page about a cheap incident that took place when she attended a meeting with a popular TV channel’s programming head.


''Writing this after spending 2 days debating whether or not to do so. In today's world of social media, even genuine words spoken are judged unfairly and I did not want that to happen. In the end, I strongly felt it necessary to share this incident.


I was in a meeting with the programming head of a leading TV channel. Towards the end of the half hour meeting, he asked me "so... When can we meet outside?" to which I replied "regarding some other work?" His answer (said with a smug smile like it was the norm) "no no! Not work... For other things". I hide my shock and anger and tell him "Sorry! Please leave." His last word on the topic was "So... That's all?" and he smiled and walked away.


A common reaction from people, both in the industry and outside when they hear things like this is to say "Film industry is like this. You knew so when you joined. Why complain now or act surprised?" My response is this. I didn't come to the industry to be treated like a piece of meat or to follow the standards of exploitation of women already practiced. I love acting. It's my profession of choice. I work hard and I'm good at my work. I certainly do not want to choose either option of 'Put up with it or quit'.


As a woman I now see only one choice. To resist and to speak out. The important choices have to presented to the men. 'Either stop disrespecting women or GET OUT!'


I am an actress. It does not mean that just because I lead a glamorous life on screen, that I deserve to be spoken with disrespect. It's my life, my body and my wish. No man should assume he can get away with disrespecting me. Those who believe this is a minor incident and also that nothing happened in the end so it's unnecessary should understand that this is the tip of the iceberg.And for those of you asking about the identity of the man, this is not the place and time for it as it will deviate from the bigger issue at hand. It may be a small incident that fortunately ended safely for me but it helps me to shed light on a very important topic.


Instead of lecturing women on what to wear, how to speak, and how to behave appropriately, how about we start by telling men to stop thinking with their genitals, and start looking at a woman as strong, free, capable and equal human being. Teach the men to be better people. Every parent needs to start this at home.


Its not just the film industry, I know that harassment against women happens across industries, economic strata, cultures and age. It is an issue that is inbred in our male dominated society where women are objectified and treated as less than equal - a commodity that can be dealt with as they please.


The incidents of rape, molestation, manhandling and disrespect to women are rising at alarming rates. Our education is failing us. I am not a victim and I don't intend to play one. I am speaking out on behalf of all the girls who are not speaking out due to fear. Fear of men and fear that they will be punished as women for speaking out.


If we don't act now #SafetyForWomen will be just a dream and we will never remove the word #rape from our society.


I will not stay silent. I urge all my sisters and friends to do the same. You are not alone. #BeSafe #BeBrave #BEaWOMAN''


Hats off to Varalaxmi for opening up bravely.


Official : Jyothika's next with Director Bala!

The official announcement regarding Jyothika's next is out, and she will be collaborating with the maverick director Bala for this yet-to-be-titled film.


The film will be jointly produced by EON Studios and Bala's B Studios for which the shoot is expected to start from March 1. A leading big star is expected to play the film's male lead.


More details on this project are expected to come in the following days. An interesting combination to watch out for.


We are not sure if Jyothika had opted out of Vijay 61 due to this project. Let us wait for an official word about this.


Mass : Director Siva reveals exciting info about Ajith's Vivegam

Vivegam, the Ajith starrer and Siva directorial, is eagerly awaited and the film is fast nearing completion.


Director Siva, in a college function, had revealed some exciting information about the film. He stated, "Vivegam will be an out and out action movie which will satisfy all. It is a high budget movie and I took enough time and paid special attention to the screenplay. There would be another look of Ajith coming soon; this will even be before the release of the teaser and the trailer. There is one more schedule left and we will soon be leaving for Bulgaria".


On Ajith's chiseled look, Siva said, "It's not VFX, Thala worked hard to get that look".


Wow! That sure sounds exciting for all the Ajith fans out there!


Exclusive : Dhanush's fourth time association with this Director

Dhanush is a busy man who is handling many projects simultaneously including VIP 2, Power Paandi, ENPT, Karthik Subbaraj project and Vada Chennai is said to be in talks for one more interesting project.


He will be teaming up with director R.S.Durai Senthilkumar for a new film. When we got in touch with the Kodi director about this he said, "Yes, my next is with Dhanush sir. The project is in its very early stages and an official announcement regarding this can be expected in another two months of time."


Durai's first two films were produced by Dhanush, while his third film, Kodi featured him as an actor. It is interesting to see the talented director associating with Dhanush yet again for his fourth directorial.

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