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Saamy 2 (aka) Saami 2 Songs review
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Production: Shibu K. Thameen
Cast: Keerthy Suresh, Vikram
Direction: Hari
Screenplay: Hari
Story: Hari
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Background score: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography: Priyan
Dialogues: Hari

Vocals: M.M. Manasi

Adhiroobaney, sung by M.M. Manasi is something different from the trademark DSP melody. Manasi’s voice is a big plus for this number. This track was released first and is already popular among youngsters. Keba Jeremiah’s guitars and Punya Srinivas’ Veena keep us hooked to the track along with the simple lyrics. This number might certainly be the pick of the album for many.

Vocals: Sanjith Hegde, Rita


Molagapodiye is a folk track. The rhythm has all the elements that a typical DSP song would have. About Sanjith Hegde’s singing, his voice has the punch required for this folk number and he seems to have total control by absorbing the emotions. This song is expected to work even better with the visuals. Also released earlier, this track has its share of fans.

Pudhu Metro Rail
Vocals: Vikram, Keerthy Suresh

Pudhu Metro Rail is the track that was most expected from this album, as it is sung by the lead pair - Vikram and Keerthy Suresh. Instead of making the lead actors sing for the sake of it, a lot of effort has gone in order make maximum utility out of their voices. The lyrics are quirky and interesting, and we need to wait to know if it manages to reach the masses!

Vocals: Anthony Daasan, Benny Dayal

Darnakka is the type of Kuththu number you can expect in a Hari movie. The song is racy and the lyrics are catchy. Anthony Daasan’s experience in singing such numbers definitely works in favor of the song. The beat drop clicks initially but doesn’t work throughout and it becomes repetitive towards the end. But it is a number that will make the fans go crazy in theatres.

Amma Amma
Vocals: Karthik

A commercial film is sure to have the folk number, the massy song, the romantic track and an emotional one. Amma Amma is the emotional quotient of Saamy Square. Sticking to the sentimental core of the film, DSP has composed a touching melody, which might touch your emo bone with the visuals. Karthik's rendition is flawless and the string orchestration helps in increasing the intensity of the track.

Verdict: DSP has delivered an album that will appeal to the masses. The songs are expected to work better with the visuals!


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Saamy 2 (aka) Saami 2

Saamy 2 (aka) Saami 2 is a Tamil movie with production by Shibu K. Thameen, direction by Hari, cinematography by Priyan. The cast of Saamy 2 (aka) Saami 2 includes Keerthy Suresh, Vikram.