Review By : Release Date : Jul 14,2017 Movie Run Time : 2 Hours 10 Minutes
Censor Rating : U/A
Pandigai (aka) Pandigaii review
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Production: Vijaya Lakshmi
Cast: Anandhi, Karunas, Krishna, Nithin Sathya, Saravanan
Direction: Feroz
Screenplay: Feroz
Story: Feroz
Music: RH Vikram
Background score: RH Vikram
Cinematography: Aravind
Dialogues: Feroz
Editing: Prabaahar
Singers: Deepak, Karthik, Madhana Gopal, MC Vickey, Nikhita Gandhi, Premgi Amaren, R.H.Vikram, Rajeev Rajaram, Sricharan, Venkat Prabhu
Lyrics: Karky, MC Vickey, Sricharan, Vijayalakshmi Ahathian
PRO: Suresh Chandra

Pandigai is an action thriller directed by Feroz, starring Krishna and Anandhi in the central roles. Vijayalakshmi Feroz has bankrolled the film under her banner Tea Time Talks Production. The Pandigai that is referred in the movie is not about the festival, but watch it to know the director's surprise. It is more like celebrating a brawl and true to that, the action sequences have been captured so ostentatiously.

Pandigai is a tale of a man, who comes from a tough upbringing, someone who dreams of living a simple, respectable life. But destiny has other plans, even that undemanding wish of his is hard to come by; he has to fight for it and by fight we mean the real one. The film is majorly around the lead and one of his acquaintances, a punter who keeps losing money on betting.

To begin on a positive note, Krishna as Velu, with his not so fuzzy and smart looks, goes well with the character. He carries the role with a cool head and composure, but since it is an out and out action script, his physic, time in and again, reminds you that it is nothing more than a film. On the other hand, Anandhi, plays the typical jubilant Tamil girl and provides the much-required charm and softness to the otherwise intense subject. Saravanan gets an entirely different role to what he has done till date and he looks very comfortable in these kinds of characters.

As far as Aravind’s visuals, they are rich in canvas and innovative. Despite minimal movements, his inventive compositions are picturesque and laudable. RH Vikram’s background score goes well with the story, but the songs could have been better. The songs come in more as a distraction than an advantage, and especially the dance number that drops in towards the pre-climax. Anbu & Arivu needs a special mention to choreographing the stunts that look very natural to the core plot. Such commercial adjustments are the major drawbacks of an intense core plot of Pandigai.

The first half is largely engaging as it deals with a relatively new concept called fight club. A well-conceived idea which is executed skillfully as well. That is where Feroz proves really promising and never looks like a debutant. The interval block shows his writing strength. But the 2nd half hardly has anything new to offer. It's a good 15 minutes too long, and the tension doesn't build the way you wish it would. Having said that, a couple of scenes in the later portions could surprise you.

Coming to the major downside, the love portion looks totally unwarranted for a script like this. Though the initial scenes aren’t that bad, the intensity drops down during the later stages. The detailing in action sequences is not seen with the love sequences. Had the director taken a bold decision to make this film without any love scenes, without any songs, Pandigai could have been a trendsetter. Debut director Feroz is here to stay.


Verdict: Pandigai has its celebratory moments!


( 2.5 / 5.0 )



Pandigai (aka) Pandigaii

Pandigai (aka) Pandigaii is a Tamil movie with production by Vijaya Lakshmi, direction by Feroz, cinematography by Aravind, editing by Prabaahar. The cast of Pandigai (aka) Pandigaii includes Anandhi, Karunas, Krishna, Nithin Sathya, Saravanan.