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Kathanayagan (aka) Kadhanayagan Songs review
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Production: Vishnu Vishal Studioz
Cast: Catherine Tresa, Vishnu Vishal
Direction: Tha. Muruganantham
Screenplay: Tha. Muruganantham
Story: Tha. Muruganantham
Music: Sean Roldan
Background score: Sean Roldan
Cinematography: J.Laxman
Dialogues: Tha. Muruganantham
Editing: Sridharan
Singers: Anirudh Ravichander, Ravi G, Sean Roldan
Lyrics: GKB, Ravi G, Sean Roldan, Tha.Muruganantham

Kathanayagan The Hero
Singer: Sean Roldan

Kathanayagan The Hero is a number with a high dosage of guitars and follows the rock pattern. Sean Roldan’s title track for Kathanayagan is not as heroic but impresses in parts. The drums and electric guitars keep you interested and towards the end the song sounds much better. With just under 3 minutes, it is a decent listen.

On Nenappu
Singers: Anirudh Ravichander


This song sung by Anirudh is a fun love based number. The song starts off with the harmonium and Piano portions that Sean renders well. The folk portions that depict frolic are just about listenable but with the progression of the song they become enjoyable. Lyrics are easy and catchy. Violin and other string instruments add value to On Nenappu. Anirudh delivers a neat song in his voice.

Tappu Tippu
Singer: Mukesh


A slightly different folk based track. With a tinge of carnatic music and a mild use of bass guitar, the song sounds a little offbeat. Mukesh sings well and trumpet portions in the latter half make it a jazzy number. With a mix of numerous genres, Tappu Tippu has quite a few variations to offer to the listener.

Sunday Na Bottle Edu
Singer: Ravi G 


An out and out folk song for Kathanayagan by Sean. Sunday Na Bottle Edu is again a fun track. The usual folk elements are seen and the pace or tempo is not too attractive as it takes the medium route. The lyrics are again catchy in parts and the tune is hummable.


Rise of a Hero (Theme)


This theme has a lot of techno and beats along with the electric guitar. With an occasional whistle and drums adding value to this track, it carries a nice energy. A fun filled theme track which has a comic touch to it.

Verdict: Sean Roldan's fun filled album has numerous elements. Will it become an addiction to the listeners, is something we need to wait and see.


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Kathanayagan (aka) Kadhanayagan

Kathanayagan (aka) Kadhanayagan is a Tamil movie with production by Vishnu Vishal Studioz, direction by Tha. Muruganantham, cinematography by J.Laxman, editing by Sridharan. The cast of Kathanayagan (aka) Kadhanayagan includes Catherine Tresa, Vishnu Vishal.