Review By : Release Date : Jul 14,2017 Movie Run Time : 2 Hours 14 Minutes
Censor Rating : U
Gemini Ganesanum Suruli Rajanum (aka) Gemini Ganeshanum Surali Raajanum review
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Production: Amma Creations
Cast: Aaditi Pohankar, Aishwarya Rajesh, Atharvaa, Motta Rajendran, Pranitha Subhash, Regina Cassandra, Soori
Direction: Odam. Ilavarasu
Screenplay: Odam. Ilavarasu
Story: Odam. Ilavarasu
Music: D Imman
Background score: D Imman
Cinematography: Sree Saravanan
Dialogues: Odam. Ilavarasu
Editing: Praveen.K.L
Singers: Abhay Jodhpurkar, Anthony Daasan, Haricharan, Nakash Aziz, Pradeep Kumar, Ramya, Shreya Ghoshal, Vijay Yesudas
Lyrics: Yuga Bharathi
PRO: Johnson

The makers have garnered the attention of the audience with their film's title - Gemini Ganeshanum Suruli Rajanum (GGSR). Yes, we are talking about the rom-com starring Atharvaa, Soori, Regina Cassandra, Aishwarya Rajesh, Pranitha, Aaditi Pohankar and others.

GGSR is all about Gemini Ganeshan (Atharvaa) and his four girlfriends. He's the coolest playboy in the town, and you know what's going to happen when there are four heroines. Of course, it's love, love, and only love! Gemini Ganeshan's love moments with the four different girls is what the film’s base is constructed of, and which of these love stories succeed him to marriage is what the whole premise of the film about.

Atharvaa is at his charming best, and he performs at ease naturally. When it comes to the leading ladies, Aishwarya Rajesh, Regina and Pranitha score with what is expected out of them. Aishwarya continues to take it on a subtle note in her signature way, while Regina goes on a bit glam mode. There isn't anything much for debutant Aaditi to perform and looks like we'd have to wait for Selvaraghavan's Mannavan Vanthaanadi to know more about her performance. 

Soori’s one-liners go well along with the movie, especially in the second half, as only towards the last 30-45 minutes, the chemistry works well between Soori and Atharvaa. Though Producer T.Siva, who plays Atharvaa's father does not talk to him in the movie, the emotions are conveyed well. There are quite a few hilarious comedy scenes that work great. Dialogues are a major boost to the film, and the one-liners click well, especially the Sasikumar - Samuthirakani connect, one-minute suspense factor, and the bus stand scene towards the end. Why is Atharvaa named Gemini Ganesan and the impact that name has in his life, is explained as the film progress.

D. Imman's Ammukuttiye song is a neat composition, while the 'Yamma Yamma’ theme background score is good. However, no other theme or background music makes an impact. Sree Saravanan’s visuals capture the beauty of Ooty, Madurai, and also the characters, in a scenic manner.

On the flip side, the film has nothing new to offer for experimental film buffs. It's a straight time-pass entertainer that has comedies, love, and songs, and follows the commercial entertainer pattern. The characterisation of the leads has not been strong and impactful. If you are someone who would look out for logic, then GGSR is not for you.The makers have tried humour throughout the film, however, but the comedies and one-liners in the second half work better, and few others look force fitted.

Editing could have been widely used as there are a few unnecessary scenes (like the hotel scene in the first half, the market stunt sequence and Tasmac song in the latter half), which makes the pace of the film go down little.It is also tiring to see some blockbuster songs being used for comedy purposes. We have seen that already in many films before, and they don't evoke laughter in any way.

Director Odam Ilavarasu has decided to give us an outright fun entertainer, and he has written the scenes only towards that goal. But one might feel that the scenes could have been written in a refreshingly new style, instead of opting for the same old style. Had he not compromised on the glamour quotient and songs, we’d have got a crispier and an enjoyable product. But, when we see GGSR as a final product, we can say Odam Ilavarasu has packed the film with all elements, like comedy, sentiment, emotions and drama. It's a run-of-the-mill comedy drama, but, it can entertain you at a good level.


Verdict: GGSR is a fun watch if you ignore logic!


( 2.5 / 5.0 )



Gemini Ganesanum Suruli Rajanum (aka) Gemini Ganeshanum Surali Raajanum

Gemini Ganesanum Suruli Rajanum (aka) Gemini Ganeshanum Surali Raajanum is a Tamil movie with production by Amma Creations, direction by Odam. Ilavarasu, cinematography by Sree Saravanan, editing by Praveen.K.L. The cast of Gemini Ganesanum Suruli Rajanum (aka) Gemini Ganeshanum Surali Raajanum includes Aaditi Pohankar, Aishwarya Rajesh, Atharvaa, Motta Rajendran, Pranitha Subhash, Regina Cassandra, Soori.