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Adhe Kangal teaser review

From the official trailer which lasts around a minute and twenty three seconds, Adhe Kangal seems to be a gripping action thriller. Kalaiyarasan, plays Varun, a visually impaired person and looks like the film will help him showcase his acting talents. He is supported by Sshivada and Janani Iyer, who play his love interests.

Balasaravanan plays a police constable and adds to the comical element to the film. The trailer which begins with the presentation of romance, slowly slips into action, suspense and a thriller element is introduced. The trailer is cut well enough to keep us guessing as to whether Varun is really blind, whether one of the heroines is just his imagination and what are the problems into which Varun gets trapped.

The film’s music has hit the right chord and has been well received by the audience and its release has been advanced to the 26th of January. All our doubts from the trailer will be answered on the 26th. Let us wait and see what Adhe Kangal has to offer!

Adhe Kangal teaser review

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