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Yaman- Movie Review

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Vijay Antony is one such actor who chooses scripts based on what he can exactly deliver spiralling around his strengths. His choice of movies starting from his debut movie NAAN, he plays naturally what he is capable of. YAMAN joins the list of his unique selection of scripts as like his previous movies.


Jeeva Shankar's script has enough potential to be a winner at the box office. Though the plot of the movie is already well known, the movie has been released at the right time considering the current unstable Tamilnadu political scenario.


The screenplay moves at a pace which naturally demands a gradual narration than a commercial template. The characterisations woven around the hero Tamizharasan's regime are intelligently crafted without any predictability. Dialogues are the biggest pillars of the movie and it keeps you engaged at the right frequencies throughout the film.


Jeeva Shankar should have avoided the predictability of Vijay Antony's characterisation and some rearrangement of a few scenes in the second half would have made the movie much more powerful.


YAMAN is a definitely a watchable political thriller which engages you reasonably well.


My rating is 2.75/5

Venkatesh Ramakrishnan
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