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The Pushkar-Gayathri duo delivers a film that meets or exceeds the expectations of its audience in many ways. There are moments of incredible tension, violence, and drama, moments where characters reveal their vulnerabilities and weakness. Comedic moments and moments of sadness and through it all a multi layered and brilliant story is told by the film maker


A large part of what fills those frames is great performances by both Vijay Sethupathi and Madhavan. They seem to have distinctively different style of acting and it favourably contributes to their roles. Vijay's super-instinctive style and Maddy's method-acting magically compliments their portrayals as gangster and cop respectively. Even Pulli, Chandra and Priya characters will sure be remembered for long.


Vinod's cinematography and BGM by Sam deserves an applause. Beyond everything is the screenplay that keeps you at the edge of our seat till the very end. At a time where we are constantly fed by mindless action movies where cars fly till roof of buildings and coconut trees, we are blessed with film makers who can also create something sensible and yet intense.


If you like a movie with incredible performances, direction, music and visuals, if you like a layered story that is not formulaic, and if you appreciate film making and storytelling at its finest, then see this film. I assure you that you will not be disappointed!

madhan mohan
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