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Urumeen: Music Review

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Urumeen: This action thriller was in talks because of being a different attempt. One reason was its music as well. I got to listen to them and I loved them all!  The songs of Urumeen are quite melodious and terrific, I couldn't resist from listening to them again and again. That's why I gave this album a 4.5/5 star rating.


Achu Rajamani comes with a terrific album that is likely to remain in the shelves of listeners willing to have some classy music.

Baby Baby - This song was on my lips since the time I heard it. The lyrics are good and folk beats make it terrific to listen. The vocals provided by Anthony Dasan make it a treat to the ears. Rating: 4/5
Hey Umaayal - Vijay Yesudas offers a heartwarming song with his powerful and melodious vocals. Though short but definitely worth a repeated listen. Rating: 4.5/5

Siru Nadai - Karthik's voice and instrumental setup renders this one as a soft, melting track that forms many images in the mind. A good one indeed. Rating: 4/5

Yaadhum Oorae - Being the only rock track in the album, this terrific and rock strong track has a genius play with vocals and instruments, that make it worth listening it multiple times. Rating: 5/5
Siru Nadai (Reprise) - Roshni Suresh offers a melodious and charming voice, which makes it a listen despite the very fact that Karthik renders it better. Rating: 4/5

Hey Umaayal (Unplugged) - For once, I couldn't realize that the voice of Kavya Ajit is in the track instead of Vijay Yesudas! It was only after reading the credits that I realized it was Kavya Ajith, but still he matches up to the voice of Vijay Yesudas, thus resulting in a terrific and worth listening track. Rating: 4/5

Final verdict: Urumeen is an album that is definitely worth listening and remembering for years to come.


Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Prashast Singh
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